10th Apr 2017, 12:58

I agree with the point about the gadgets. I don't think the over abundance of toys and gadgets is just a Subaru problem. I have an 08 Pilot, and there are still things on that car I don't use or know how to use. I'm just not in the car that much. But, I guess that's what sells. People like their gadgets and toys until they break.

10th Apr 2017, 17:50

Not my car, but I had a few long ago. I like heads up display readouts on the windshield. I like weather warnings. Climate control with temp set. Onstar for safety can save your life, and Sirius subscriptions. Hands free phone. Magnetic ride control. If it breaks, you fix it.

18th Jun 2017, 18:06

In my opinion there are too many "gizmos" in new vehicles. Too many gadgets that can go wrong. Too many circuits and wiring harnesses and sensors that can go bad. I want a vehicle with basic things that use to be optional like power brakes, power steering, AM/FM radio with CD, power windows and locks, and A/C. No more than that.

19th Jun 2017, 21:40

"I don't use these features, therefore nobody uses these features."

"I don't want them, therefore nobody should be able to have them."

"The auto industry should cater their offerings specifically to me!"

19th Jun 2017, 22:28

I tend to agree. The 1990s in my humble opinion is the sweet spot for cars generally speaking. They were neither too complex or too old; the balance was just about right then.

19th Jun 2017, 23:16

Actually delete the power windows and go with wind up by hand. No problems.

9th Aug 2017, 21:10

I don't think people commenting were asking for manufacturers to cater to their specific needs, but rather they were making the point that modern cars have a lot of unnecessary gadgets.

As someone already commented, the average 1990s family car had it right. Electric windows and other such nice features were fine. Nowadays though I could not care less about hill start assist, electric handbrakes (we were doing fine with levers), touch screen for selecting options or fiddly climate control (we were doing fine with 3 discs to turn for temp, fan and speed) etc etc.

Generally in my humble opinion, anything not to do with driving the car is an annoying distraction, with the exception being radio music of course.