31st Jul 2013, 15:22

Tune up, Seafoam.

But yeah, the auto gets 21 city, 24 highway according to fueleconomy.gov.

If I was you I'd sell it and find a Subaru with 5 gears.

If you can't drive stick, learn. If you don't want to learn, find a cheap Legacy or Loyale, and those 3 speeds don't last forever.

2nd Aug 2013, 01:41

These are very good cars. I used to have one. The drivetrain lasts forever, especially with the manual gearbox. The clutch takes some getting used to and is stiffer than other cars, but is very reliable nonetheless.

Handling was a bit scary at high speed when I got it. The stock tire size is not wide enough. Wider tires were installed, which much improved the handling.

If you love your Loyale or GL and it's in good shape, just watch for rust and get it undercoated if you are in the northeast.

Had to redo the floor sheet metal twice on mine; it seems to rust very quickly.

Eventually had to scrap the car because of that, but I'm sure the engine and transmission would still be running forever. Very good built 80's car.

24th Mar 2015, 05:12

I am currently buying one, and noticed the metal in the back (which has no seats or carpet) is rusty. How did you deal with this issue?

8th Apr 2016, 22:04

I bought an 85 Subaru GL 4x4 for my son's first car. I personally love the thing and told him if he ever gets rid of it, it will go to me. And for its age... yes you can expect things needing replacement. He replaced the rear CVs, front oil seals, valve cover, timing belts, water pump, redid all wheel seals and the car runs like a champ. Plus it was a one owner car before us, and whoever had it before took really good care of it (then my son put dents in the hood playing Dukes of Hazzard). Even got a special undercoating. It's got a little of a pop when you drive it, but that's because it needs new donut gaskets. I've heard that the ea82s are crap... I'm not disappointed.