1998 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport 2.2L 4 cylinder from North America


Good car, a little bit quirky


Nothing really wrong, but a couple of quirks.

Check engine light keeps blipping on, but none of the mechanics can find anything wrong with it.

The vacuum plates (?) on the ABS system are rusting and need to be fixed soon.

General Comments:

I waited a long time to buy this car, always liked them, so I was thrilled to get it finally.

It handles like a dream and my experience in the snow has been great. I live in a mountainous area of WV and this is my first experience with AWD. Wow! Car can handle snow up to 8" deep like it's nothing.

Nice control panel. Fairly roomy interior, but why do all car manufacturers use such ugly fabrics for their upholstery?

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Review Date: 17th December, 2003

29th Jul 2004, 14:29

I agree with the upholstery comment; it seemed a bit wild to me when I first got in, but I don't notice it anymore and my 9mo old likes playing with it. Overall great car; bought it used, but it only has about 81k on it right now. Had it in for brake pads once, but apparently screeching doesn't always mean something's wrong (would still get it checked anyway). Biggest complaint is that a carseat doesn't fit in the middle backseat; has to be behind driver or passenger. Plan to go up to a Forester next.

8th Sep 2008, 13:55

Just to let you know the Forester is made on the same platform as an Impreza, so I don't think you'll gain any more room in the middle back seat for your child's car seat. You should consider a Legacy!

1998 Subaru Impreza Turbo 5 door 2.0 turbo from UK and Ireland


Huge money drain, thank god its gone!


Piston Slap (never fixed it), Clutch Judder (new clutch fitted),

General Comments:

Not as good as I was led to believe, the fuel usage of this car is horrendous, I knew they were bad when I bought, but there is bad and bad. Only buy if you own shares in BP! Stupidly high service costs, no where near as reliable as people make out very soft engine that cannot take really bad punishment. So pleased to see the back of this money drain never ever again! The car is not as quick as I thought too, I know it is just a standard turbo, but my mates Honda Integra Type R could keep up with it and it is very economical if kept out of the upper VTEC range, it will be as good as a standard family saloon. The Impreza is thirsty however driven, The Honda is also much cheaper to maintain not such stupid servicing costs and the reliabilty is in a different league, as is the build quality. Not worth the stupid running costs in my eyes anyway! Will be buying a Civic or Integra Type R now, maybe have some cash for once!

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Review Date: 19th September, 2003

21st Sep 2003, 08:49

I agree I have also owned one of these cars and the running costs are way to much. Maybe a while ago worth having, but with the growing numbers of equally as fast cars (standard UK turbo) as the Honda's mentioned and others, I cannot see why people buy such an expensive unrealiable car! Expect loads to disagree, but only buy if low mileage or if you know the previous owner and the history, as the reliabilty of these cars is a bit of a myth. To soft mechanically for such performance!

1998 Subaru Impreza Turbo 2.0 litre turbo from UK and Ireland


Working man



General Comments:

Buy one what are you waiting for, life is too short this car is nothing short of awesome!

When that turbo kicks in get ready for a broken neck, I can only compare it to taking off on an aeroplane.

People will try and race you-let them and they will soon be sorry, definitely gets the looks and admiration it deserves :-)

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2003

29th Aug 2003, 16:51

So do you not have any piston slap on this car, slight knocking at start-up that goes when warm. I have just bought one of these cars that does this a MY98 turbo. Dealer just fobs me off and says it is OK as long as it goes away when warm. Car goes really well so I do not care really. But it is supposed to affect all 98 cars!