2005 Subaru Impreza WRX PPP 2.0 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


With this car, you get everything...



General Comments:

What can I say, other than this is a great car!

This car really does tick all the right boxes. It's fast, can seat 5, has 4 doors for easy access, a big boot, reliable, has all the mod cons (air con, electric windows/mirrors, isofix etc) and has 4 wheel drive, so can pretty much get past most things that mother nature can throw at it.

The fact remains that this is a performance car, and it does excel at that. Handling is predictable, grip is immense, performance is right up there, and reliability is better than what you would expect for a 260 BHP car.

Granted MPG is not the best, but even then I average 28-30 MPG, which isn't bad for a car that has a turbo and drives 4 wheels. The car itself is easy to drive; even my mother in law could drive this to the shops and back without any problems.

It's pretty comfortable too; the only issue is that the thigh supports could be ever so slightly further apart, but we're talking only a few cm here!

With the Prodrive Performance Pack (PPP), this boosts BHP up to 262 BHP (the same as an STi) from 225 BHP, and the torque is very slightly higher than the STI, and comes in slightly earlier in the rev range. It's said that for the track the STI is better (bigger brakes, firmer suspension, adjustable differential), but for the Joe Public on the roads, the WRX is the best version to have.

The 2.5 version that came afterwards has slightly higher torque and perhaps slightly better looks (opinion is divided here), but with it came reliability issues with the head gasket (see other reviews on here), whereas the 2.0 unit is well proven, super reliable and (in my opinion) the better option.

Cabin quality is good, the doors shut with a nice clunk and servicing is every 10k miles for the turbo model, so running costs (bearing in mind its level of performance) are more than reasonable. Beware examples that have been modified though.

I've owned all sort of cars and makes (from Peugeots, to Nissans, to BMWs). Would I recommend a Subaru - yes, without hesitation.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2013

2005 Subaru Impreza GX AWD Luxury 2.0L Boxer 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, fun and dependable vehicle


Nothing, has been very reliable and dependable. The car was in exceptional condition, both mechanically and interior wise when I bought it, and functions truly as new.

General Comments:

Having never owned a car before, I took a gamble buying a Subaru. Initially I considered a Corolla, just because of the name and reliability associated with it.

I ended up test driving this second hand Impreza, and was sure glad I did! While this particular model is no STi, it handles beautifully, glides over bumps, and always feels very sure footed, regardless of weather conditions. The AWD is wonderful in the heavy rain we get here in Queensland during summer, and certainly provides a great deal of driving confidence.

It is quite comfortable on long trips especially. The leather seats are very supportive, and are well bolstered, keeping you in place through the corners.

The only real down side could be the fairly average fuel consumption per 100km. Though I have found using premium fuel helps increase liters per 100km, to be fair it is a 4 speed automatic, so its numbers are inherently not going to be the best really.

Overall though, I have been very impressed and happy with my purchase. After a year of owning my first Subaru, I am sure that it will not be my last.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2012

2005 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.0 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Great performance, but buyer beware


- Knocking rear shocks - got quoted by Subaru for an unbelievable $634 PER shock to fix. Not only is this a ridiculous price, but for the distance this car has traveled, it really is unacceptable, and I will get springs or coil overs instead when I get sick of hearing the knocking noise.

- Ignition system failed - car would only start once every 40-50 turns (not exaggerating either), and once the car had been running, would not start at all. Cost $1030, which was crazy enough (and only they can do it too as it is part of the security system that only they can program), let alone the fact that there was not a single one of these parts in stock in all of Aus, so it took 4 weeks from Subaru Japan to get one in (this part could fit in a tissue box, and if anyone else posted it, it would take less than a week at the most) so I was stuck with NO car for 4 weeks, and they did not give me a hire car.

General Comments:

The good:

- Very quick vehicle for something straight out of the factory. Subaru claim 0-100 in 5.7 for this model and I wouldn't doubt it; XR8s, SS, 350z, RX8, S2000 and other popular sports models around here can't keep up with its off the line acceleration (top end is another story though).

- Tight handling; you can throw it around all over the place and it stays stable (would love to see what coil overs or springs do), however the factory tyres are tiny, so I decided to get a wider model of tyre for the factory wheel, and it made a massive difference. After market wheels with a wider tread would make this even better.

- Bucket seats hold you tight when you decide to put the foot down.

- Great rumble sound, the previous owner had a MRT exhaust put on it; sounds great without blowing your ear drums out, and is still road legal (the only modification on the car).

- 2005 model has the next gen interior, so it looks much nicer than the previous.


- Stereo and speakers are pretty basic, they crackle when you turn the volume up and have no bass. Anyone who listens to music when driving really should put new ones in.

- Steering wheel is fading into this strange fawn colour, even though it is parked in a garage at home and work.

- Brakes are really under powered, considering how fast it can go, and should be more powerful.

- As mentioned, the dealers really need to get their act together (I spoke to all the dealers in town, and all gave me the same answer so it is not like it is just one rogue dealer being painful). I am happy with the car, but being ripped off and left without a car for something I was not even responsible for breaking, really, really makes me mad just thinking about it. Not sure if I would buy another one; if I did, it would have to be new with the full warranty (so hurry up and make a good looking new WRX!!)

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Review Date: 12th February, 2011