2005 Subaru Impreza JDM STi 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Best performance car for our roads


The only really known fault for my car is the rear shocks tend to knock. I was delighted when this happened, as it meant I had the perfect opportunity to fit coilovers. I replaced the standard suspension with BC Coilovers, which cost £700 new. They are superb quality, and I can set them to be softer than the original shocks. They also came with a 2 year warranty, which so far I've not had to use.

The other known problem with this car is the battery doesn't charge unless the sidelights were on (Proven fact by Subaru). It's easily solved; just imagine it as a Volvo, and drive everywhere with the sidelights on. I have also bought a new Bosch battery, which cost £130 as the original one was cheap crap.

General Comments:

Well mine's is a 2005 JDM model, which is much superior to the already great UK car. The car comes standard with Forged pistons, Forged con-rods, crossed drilled nitride crankshaft, closed deck block, twin scroll turbo. So as you may guess it was purpose built to be a tuners car; well the gearbox is known to handle 700hp+ and the engine 500+.

Mine's is slightly modified. Full Blitz Nur Spec R exhaust system, panel filter and an Andy Forrest remap to 355bhp 342lb ft.

My plans are to fit a bigger turbo, injectors, clutch and get it mapped to 400bhp.

I do all of the oil changes myself, and get the belts changed at my mate's garage. I just don't trust car dealers and the fact that they charge crazy money.

Now on the performance. It's unbelievable, the twin scroll turbo is a must have on a Subaru. UK Evo's are better than UK Subaru's, but JDM Subaru's are something else. It's a matter of personal preference at the end of the day. This is my 3rd Subaru and my last car was an Evo, I do prefer Subaru, but love Evo's as well. At Crail drag strip I recorded a whopping 12.4s at 109mph, which is very quick for a 1.4 tonne car with only 350bhp. You've really got to abuse the gearbox to get the most out of the car, as it's really close ratio'd; I needed 5th gear to finish the 1/4 mile.

They also hold their money better than the UK cars, but are a pig to insure. My only regret is that I never got one in white, but I can't have everything my way.

I've noticed that it's a lot better on the fuel than the classic shape Impreza, especially after the remap. I'd highly recommend a remap, especially from Andy F.

I'm planning on owning it for another couple of years, then I want a white Hawkeye Spec C.

Get a JDM car, you'll thank me for it later!

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Review Date: 17th December, 2010

23rd Dec 2010, 06:08

I agree with most of what you have said, except it is far harder to sell on a non UK spec Scooby. WRX Type RA STi 310 BHP in Feather White, mint condition, thousands spent and can I shift it? Can I heck.

I'm surprised at your slow 12 sec time.

2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS 2.5 Gas from North America




Blown head gasket at 98000 kms, and no help from Subaru for repairs.

General Comments:

I've had this car for about five years, and had purchased it used from a older couple with only 12,000 Kms.

Earlier this year, my wife told me that the temp gauge had been spiking, and she was worried about it. I had a look underneath the car, and discovered that the head gaskets are leaking, and coolant is slowly dripping from the block. Brought it into the Subaru dealer, and had them look at it; the service manager confirmed that I had a leaky head gasket. The car was out of warranty for about 3 months with 97,000kms on it, so I was told to contact Subaru of Canada. A few days later, they denied my claim, even though there are countless of Subaru's with this engine that have developed blown head gaskets. I will never buy a Subaru again.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2010

8th Jan 2011, 23:26

Regarding Subaru's head gasket issue:

Our 2000 Outback blew the left gasket at 101,000 kms, no warranty and thus $1100 to fix.

Our 2002 Forester blew both gaskets at 86,000 kms, but after five years, so again no warranty and a $2400 bill in total (including car rental for 5 days).

More recently, my sister's 2005 Impreza, a car we bought because all reports indicated the head gasket problem solved in 2004, has also blown its left gasket, at 59,000 kms (and again, no warranty as the five years has expired). It turns out that her 2005 Impreza was really manufactured in May of 2004, and so quite possibly a 2004 with a 2005 VIN.

Does anyone out there have a Subie built as early as the 5th month of the previous model year? I thought most automakers don't start production for the upcoming year until around August, and I've looked at dozens of manufacture dates, and haven't seen one as early as ours. Consumer Reports indicates a LOT of problems with the '04s, but very, very few with the '05 (the '04s receive the worst rating for engine major, the '05s receive the second highest, so quite a contrast).

Needless to say, we are thoroughly done with Subaru, and went from being the ideal Subaru "poster family" to very serious ambassadors of ill-will (and we've owned 7 Subarus total since 1980). I bet we will cost Subaru many, many times in lost sales vs what they've cost us in blown head gasket repairs, by the time we are finished telling everyone we can of our experiences.

We were okay with the first gasket on the Outback, peeved at the second, but enraged at the third.

9th Jun 2011, 22:54

Agree. Our 2005 Impreza 2.5 Wagon had heating issues from the 2nd year of ownership. It over-heated at highway speeds at that time, and all Subaru would cover was a $25 radiator cap.

As soon as the five year warranty period was up, it turned out to be a $1,600 head gasket job. Pathetic.

I'm moving on to a new car company.