2014 Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 turbo from North America


Insane handling and power for the money, offset by terrible mileage


The A/C smelled like some sort of chemicals. Took it to the dealer; they said that was normal for a newer car. I don't really notice it anymore.

Nothing else.

General Comments:

This is what happens when you build a $26k car and put all of that money in the drivetrain. Most cars I've had I were able to get the EPA highway mileage cruising at 80 mph on a road trip.

I have never gotten anywhere near 25 MPG. But I drive the car pretty hard. I think you would have to baby it and cruise at 60 mph to get 25 MPG. I don't care enough to do that. I just went on a 1200 mile road trip with snowboards on racks on the top of the car. Cruising at 95 mph I got about 17 MPG on the trip (lower than the EPA rated city mileage of 19 MPG).

As far as the interior goes, it's bare bones, but has everything you need and a few intelligent design features.

I'm far from disappointed with the car. If I wanted to, I could have castrated myself and purchased a Prius for less money. I chose the WRX instead.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2014

8th Jan 2014, 08:25

I own a Prius and a WRX.

WRX = FUN and no fuel economy.

PRIUS = Reliable, easy to drive when stuck at 0 mph in traffic and no clutch to worry about. Reliable, AMAZING fuel economy. Did I mention RELIABLE!?

You do not buy a WRX for fuel economy.

8th Jan 2014, 09:17

Glad to see you enjoying the WRX.

It's a AWD turbo 4 cylinder performance car... it's not going to get good mileage. So I don't get why you're complaining about that. You could/should have looked up the real world numbers. Of course, it also seems like you're going off of the computer's read out, which are not very accurate anyways.

SO many people buy these cars, and then complain about the fuel economy, and I just don't understand why.

You have to pay to play.

3rd May 2014, 20:47

I wasn't necessarily complaining about the mileage, I don't really care. I just understand that this is a budget performance car and some kids may stretch their budget a bit to buy it. They should also be warned that if they drive it correctly (like it was stolen), that they will get pretty low MPGs. They may have to eat ramen for a few more meals than usual.

I do not care. 20ish MPG is cool with me. I wouldn't consider getting anything unless gas reached $8-9/gallon. Which won't happen anytime soon (at least in the US).

23rd Apr 2015, 23:28

I guess I don't understand what's wrong with 17 MPG @ 95 mph. Why would anyone expect that the stated mileage by the manufacturer was given at that speed. Really?