8th Jan 2014, 09:17

Glad to see you enjoying the WRX.

It's a AWD turbo 4 cylinder performance car... it's not going to get good mileage. So I don't get why you're complaining about that. You could/should have looked up the real world numbers. Of course, it also seems like you're going off of the computer's read out, which are not very accurate anyways.

SO many people buy these cars, and then complain about the fuel economy, and I just don't understand why.

You have to pay to play.

3rd May 2014, 20:47

I wasn't necessarily complaining about the mileage, I don't really care. I just understand that this is a budget performance car and some kids may stretch their budget a bit to buy it. They should also be warned that if they drive it correctly (like it was stolen), that they will get pretty low MPGs. They may have to eat ramen for a few more meals than usual.

I do not care. 20ish MPG is cool with me. I wouldn't consider getting anything unless gas reached $8-9/gallon. Which won't happen anytime soon (at least in the US).

23rd Apr 2015, 23:28

I guess I don't understand what's wrong with 17 MPG @ 95 mph. Why would anyone expect that the stated mileage by the manufacturer was given at that speed. Really?

11th May 2015, 16:42

23,000 mile update.

I did some spontaneous rallying on a muddy and bumpy road. I hit 50mph, and several hard bumps. The car started to wobble at 60mph when I finally reached the highway. I was sure I had ruined the alignment. Took it to the dealer, they said I had too much mud in the wheels. Power washed the wheels and it drives like new again.

I average about 21 MPG driving to work in 20-30mph traffic.

Finally got it in the snow this season. I live in San Diego so I kept the stock summer tires on it. Handled great in the snow. A little hairy the next morning in ice, but still performed admirably. Might get all season next go around. But as long as I don't encounter a steep hill in the ice, I think I'll be fine.

I love this car. I have the last year of the hatch and it isn't really depreciating at all yet. I'm thinking it will hold its value really well as one of the few cheap, practical, sporty and AWD cars on the market.

16th Jan 2018, 07:19

In all honesty - you don't buy a WRX for fuel economy. The WRX is essentially a whole other vehicle at this point.

My base Impreza with a 5 speed gets ~30MPG and runs on regular cheapo gas. My brother's WRX gets about 19 and requires 93 octane. The other thing is that yes it is a compact car, however it's one of the only ones that comes with AWD standard, and that's going to affect mileage.

However, when it comes to fun driving dynamics, you are correct. The base Impreza is fine for someone who needs a good commuter car that is capable in bad weather. The WRX is when you want to be able to do stupid (but fun!) things in a wet parking lot.