15th Mar 2008, 18:34

I drive an 07 base 2.5i and I am the same size and weight as you - I don't notice being "cramped" at all. I agree - the paint scratches easily, and so does the interior plastic silver on it. You really have to be careful in snow with the AWD, its so easy to get sideways. I speak from experience - experiment with the throttle only in parking lots and if there is A lot of space between your car and anything within 30 feet.

Drifting is so fun though.

31st Mar 2008, 20:43

Careful in teh snow and rain with the AWD??? Kinda kills the point of having it doesn't it? Mine handles better than ANY SUV I have driven in the snow and rain (never mind any other car) and it doesn't go sideways unless I make it go sideways. You may have the wrong tires on yours therefore killing it's strong points in bad weather driving. You may want to get something else better on gas if this one isn't doing well in the snow for you. At least a front driver is lighter and gets better mileage and is still decent in bad weather. Why have the AWD if it isn't working like it is supposed to?

5th Apr 2008, 19:30

So let me get this straight. You want a really big vehicle that hauls a lot of stuff out back and has a huge comfortable passenger compartment, gets great gas mileage, that's faster and a better performer than a WRX but uses regular gas and has all wheel drive. Uh huh. Let me know if you find it, I'd be interested in buying one too.

13th Aug 2008, 23:45

This vehicle is never designed for *comfort* *luxury* *fuel-efficent* and you should knew before buying it. The stereo is cheap, interior is full of cardboard, and lacks fancy lights. This is a vehicle that is designated for performance, seems you should settle something less performance but more luxury like Bimmer 325 Cadillac CTS, those cars are for people like you, definitely not a Scooby!