10th Aug 2002, 16:23

I have just purchased my 22B it's an awesome vehicle. but I am delighted by how usable the car is... the clutch once mastered is not as bad as some commentators would have you believe. However at 3000rpm the car is doing just 60mph and is just on the cam, busting to go! In 5th gear alone the car offers Blistering performance. It is a delight if someone has the affront to overtake on the Motorway, to just dip the throttle as they move alongside at vast speed and wham you are right behind them, with The offending vehicle scurrying to get out of your way. (I usually pull in behind them and let them go on...I've just toyed with them) At traffic lights, I let the boy racers go and then move off briskly often passing there spluttering wheasing cars. The looks of the car are outrageous and it turns the heads of all red blooded males, kids, and the young ladies. I don't think you could run the car as a first car, it attracts everyones attention, you have to be around to protect it. It's got to be your second vehicle. The 22B needs to be garaged, cosseted, and looked after. and bought out on fine days, for the sheer thrill and fun factor and giving others pleasure at the site and sounds of one of the rarest performance cars on the road!

10th Dec 2002, 11:26

All I can say is, no wonder the insurance premiums are so high on this car listening to you lot speak! I ride a bike that goes from 0 - 60 in 3.1 seconds and I don't ride it round like you lot drive your cars! Slow down a bit and stop taking everyone on, on the road!!

9th Dec 2005, 23:29

THEREs a BIG Diffrence between a 22b and a sti..

16th Apr 2006, 07:52

Yes, BIG difference between STi VI and 22B! STi is 2.0 litre flat 4 and 22B is a 2.2 litre for improved midrange torque. 22B has more flared wheel arches, different bonnet vents and it is always sonic blue. Furthermore, there were only 400 japanese spec 22Bs and just 16 UK 22Bs. The only difference being the taller gearing on the UK versions.