4th Nov 2005, 11:39

I am the original poster.

I actually drove the Saab and loved it, both versions. But when I looked they were new models and the dealer wanted ridiculous prices.

But, as I suspected and you have proven, the Saab turned out to be a "failure" in the marketplace so will definitely consider it when I trade in my RS. The deal you got was amazing.

I only hope Saab stays in business long enough to support the car. Latest stuff I've read is that it is teetering on the brink of becoming another Oldsmobile.

20th Jan 2006, 14:59

"WIndows sometime act weird going down (power windows), like they are getting caught on something. Not up to the standards set by other Japanese cars, (b) not to mention German ones. (/b) "

Sorry, I Owned a VW Golf and read many reviews about audi's.

I would say that german power windows go up when you press down and down when you press up...

They also love to go down in winter, but then fail to go back up :P.

22nd Mar 2006, 12:17

I am the original poster.

When I say "German" I mean BMW and Mercedes, not Audi. I can't stand Audis and their controls. Even the new A3 sportwagon, which is amazing to drive, has too many little quirks for me to live with - like when I sit in my friend's A3 at night in the backseat and this lock/unlock button's light is blinding me. Why is it so important for the rear seat passengers to know where this button is? After all, I can open the rear doors whether they are locked or not. And I've always hated VW/Audi window controls.

As for the poster who made the GM comment, I suggest you do some research. The 9-2X, which is a clone of my car in base form, is a Subaru, not a Saab. You are thinking about the 9-3.

23rd Mar 2006, 17:39

So, in other words, you thought you would just criticize without knowing the facts? Figures.

And given you have allegedly owned so many four cylinders I find it hard to believe you would say they are all alike.

But more to the point, Subarus are not the economy cars you are making them out to be. In fact, the Legacys are now priced around entry level BMWs if you get a loaded one.

And my point about mentioning Toyotas and Hondas, which you obviously missed (again), is that their interiors match or better those of BMW and Mercedes, so why can't Subaru?

I guess you need to actually go out and look at the cars you are commenting on.

And there are many people who are cross shopping WRXs with entry level BMWs and Audis.

20th Aug 2007, 16:18

To the original poster... The SAAB 92x is a SAAB. I know it is a Subaru underneath the badging, but it is marketed as a SAAB. (I was NOT thinking of a 9-3) They now have come to pass sadly, but I still love mine and got a phenomenal deal on it through GM. It also is in no way a "base" model of your car. It is an upscale version of the WRX. In fact the WRX had to catch up with the 92X in features after it's release in 2005 i/e, climate control, 6 disk changer standard...etc. etc.

21st Aug 2007, 10:55

I've got a 2004 WRX and it has the 6 disc changer as standard and air con.