20th Mar 2007, 07:58

I just retired my 1991 Subaru Legacy after 16 years and 320,000 miles. I just bought an Impreza Outback Sport because my experience with Subaru has been excellent.

5th Mar 2008, 16:28

Complaints, complaints... ALL brands of cars have terrible dealer service. The service dept. is where the dealer has the most income potential so doing warranty work is last on their list. I have had bad experiences with many different dealers and brands from Nissan to BMW to Cadillac. Don't fault the brand of car for poor service. It is just the nature of the car business. Why would you want to do "free" work when you can get $75-$100 per hour + the cost of parts.

1st Jan 2010, 16:12

Ours just blew a piston as well. More miles however (118000). We're screwed though. The cost to fix is almost as much as the cars worth. Around 4 grand. Thanks for the love Subaru!

27th Jan 2010, 22:42

I'm lucky to live near the largest Subaru dealership in the country - or at least it was, I'm not sure it still is - it's still one of the best regardless.

Sometimes I over-pay, but as for the quality of the service and attitude of the whole staff - it's very much above average.

The car itself has served me well - the clock on the day dying and the light on the radio going out just recently are my only complaints. It's not a Honda or Toyota - but they're not trying to be those companies - they're trying to build solid Subarus.

If you want better looking cars, which do not have all-wheel drive - then go spend your money with those other companies - that's your prerogative.

I am very happy with the bucket seat in my car - I used to have a Honda, which was a great car, but I hated the seat. To me the seat is like a bed - you spend a lot of time in it - you want it to be comfortable. I'll take a good seat over slick, sexy looking interior.

As long as it's relatively ergonomic, functional and everything works, and it has a comfortable seat - give me that any day. For those of you hating on Subaru - don't hate on all Subarus and all dealers.