1990 Subaru Justy DL 1.2 Gas from North America


A rare bargain if you can find it


Very minor things... In the twelve years I have owned it, it has needed a clutch due only to abuse, a muffler and manifold gasket, valve cover gasket, tune up, a few sets of tires, brakes and a radio. The head gasket leaks a little oil but that is a common problem and not worth bothering with. The front seats are beginning to wear out a good bit so I am considering swapping them with ones from another car. The carpet is coming loose. Those are just about all the things that have went bad.

General Comments:

For an economy car, it is a great vehicle! It handles great, rides pretty nice, hates gas, has a lot of room to haul things when the rear seat is folded, is extremely reliable and actually a lot of fun!

My main complaints are the lack of room in the drivers seat, which is expected. Another is the price and availability of replacement parts! Rotors for it were $175 from Subaru... Luckily I found an after market set for $30. It is a pretty simple car to service though. It also is not the best car for long distance driving, as it is uncomfortable and squirrelly at high speeds, not to mention that it is screaming at 70-80 MPH.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

1990 Subaru Justy 4WD 5-door 3 cylinder from North America


Not high performance, but definitely a bargain


A/C probably needs to be charged, never worked.

Ignition is flawed. Installed a new one, had the same problem as the first.

Have to wiggle the key like crazy to start it sometimes. It always started!

Smoked... probably a gasket problem.

Started revving at 55,000 miles... assume the transmission was going out.

Automatic transmissions are $2000 to $3000 to fix, car was worth $1400.

I sold the car rather than fix it.

General Comments:

It never broke down on me.

Great 4WD for a snowy mountain town.

Could parallel park it ANYWHERE.

Drove like a go-cart, but only took as much gas as one.

Seat belts had a recall.

Great gas mileage.

Looks great with a ski rack.

Had it for 6 years and only put in gas and oil.

Sold it when the transmission started to go out... a sad day for me.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2001

1990 Subaru Justy GL II 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


White lightning


Nothing so far, have just replaced the front pads and rear shoes, done an oil change and rocker cover gasket, plugs and air filter so just maintenance.

Also put a new passenger door on it as I found one in scrap yard for £20 in better condition.

General Comments:

Like my previous Subaru (Pocket Rocket) it has been great and don't know how I drove a Polo in between, it was horrible and just ate money.

Took it to Ireland 2 weeks after buying it, drove 200 miles at over 90mph and apart from increased fuel consumption it has been fine. Also coped incredibly well in the snow.

Only thing I have noticed that it is slightly slower than my 1989 3 door but it is probably slightly heavier. However have managed to get 45mpg out of it on a motorway run!!!

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Review Date: 16th March, 2001

1990 Subaru Justy GL 1.2 unleaded from North America


Great Mini-Subaru


Not too much.

Needs new CV joints up front, but don't have money for them right now, so it's basically a RWD Justy (it's in 4wd)

Gone through 2 alternator belts (one broke and the other slipped off).

Small spot of rust on the back wheel area.

General Comments:

I do have one complaint: The bright light flasher is annoying. I don't know how many people I've flashed my brights at while signaling.

I worked for about 6 months saving money for a car, and saw this Justy in the paper for $1,100 and talked him down to $950.

If I would've known the joints were gonna die on me I would've tried to get him lower, but it's still a great car.

Slipped a few times on snow thanks to the RWD I have going on, but still handles better than most cars with RWD.

I might be getting a lift kit for it and some Suzuki ATV wheels on it when I get it fixed. This is gonna be an off road car when I'm through.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2001

1990 Subaru Justy DL 1.2L from North America


A reliable, economical, and peppy winter car


Needed a muffler (big $$$) and exhaust manifold gasket at 45K.

Tires wear out quick but are cheap ($15-30 ea).

Front rotors warp and need to be replaced frequently.

All leak oil where head meets the block, frequently check oil and use 20W-50.

Radiator needs replacing (rusty), but leaks little.

The heater controls broke and must be controlled by under the dash.

The carpet came loose and the seat tears easily.

Windshield cracks when the weather is extremely cold.

Carburettor will not choke in the morning, must rev until warm.

Seat belts recalled and replaced.

Most problems were due to lack of use and abuse since the car is a 'spare'. It is usually used in the winter because of how good it is in the snow.

General Comments:

It is an excellent car for a young driver. Gets 40 mpg highway, accelerates quick for a 3 cyl, but won't go much past 80 mph.

It's very economical.

Recommend only the manual, automatic Justys are defective.

If you want a car that is cheap to run, easy to drive, and can have tons of miles put on it, this is it. I'd pick it over a Festiva, Metro, Omni, whatever. It's the best in its class.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2000

17th May 2001, 00:41

To get the best performance, I have found super unleaded 91+ octane really works. Keep those valves adjusted and proper air preassure in the tires.

31st Oct 2002, 10:03

The automatic version is the world famous Variomatic system. It is very good! Better then the American automatic gearboxes... The nice thing is: It almost doesn't wear and it's fast! You put your foot down the accelerator and it flies! In less than 14 seconds 100KM/H is for a 1 liter car fast! Not as good maybe as the DAF, but it is very wicked!