1990 Subaru Justy GL II 4WD 1.2 litre petrol from UK and Ireland


A top quality Japanese 4x4


After 12 years of standing on a drive in north Manchester, the rust was pretty severe, so much money was spent on fiberglass and bodyfiller to repair it.

The engine, otherwise faultless, had very dodgy cables, and the only replacements available were very nasty, so I was usually driving on two cylinders.

The most annoying fault has been the electronic ignition, because it is impossible to know where the fault lies. Replacements from Subaru cost in the region of £350, and scrapyard alternatives are incredibly scarce. The closest I could get was an ignition for a 1000 cc Sumo (The micro-van equivalent,) so I used a modified ignition from a 3 cylinder Triumph bike.

Not bad for £35, and it works perfectly, even when stressed.

The anti roll bar mountings at the back of the car had rusted through, and the car was always knocking while driving. To fix it, I needed to weld a new bracket. This has held for three months, so it can't be too bad a job.

The pump for the rear washer fluid had failed, so a spare equivalent was used, and works well enough.

The drivers' seat has lost its shape at the sides, but the fabric is still intact, despite it not being very hard wearing. The result of this is that you have to hold yourself in your seat when taking corners at speed.

General Comments:

The 'ru is rock solid, even when heavily damaged it still drives well, after buying it fourth-hand for £300, I got the car home and, considering the state it was in, was shocked it had made it.

It's an ideal car for the lazy motorist, as it will go for ages between services.

The handling is great, although due to the state of the seats, you get thrown about when pushing it round bends.

For a 3-cylinder, the engine picks up nicely at mid-range speeds, doing 0-60 in about 12 seconds, but struggles beyond about 75mph.

On long motorway journeys, you wish the suspension wasn't so stiff, as your legs start to go numb through the vibrations.

As a first car for a 17 year old, I've found that the UK insurance companies will rip you off for about £1700, as it is a group 6 car. Therefore I wouldn't recommend it to teenagers, but if you can afford it...

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Review Date: 1st October, 2002

1st Oct 2002, 15:36

On the cables.

What do you mean by very nasty?

7th Oct 2002, 04:53

Standard ignition leads available cost about ten pounds for a set of three, and on the box claim to be 'high quality', but when I came to replace the electronic ignition system, during the testing the contacts failed on the third lead's termination (next to the distributor.) This took about half an hour to diagnose, and on getting a replacement found that to come apart on opening the packaging! Fortunately the third replacement worked fine, but I had to drive around on the original lead for a while before buying it.

If I had wanted to buy specific Subaru replacement parts, the price would have been in excess of £30, so I decided not to bother.

1990 Subaru Justy dl 1.2 3 cylinder from North America


Great LITTLE car


Well, I've had it for 2 weeks. So far not a lot.

Had to replace the valve cover gasket the day after I bought it. Common on this car it seems.

Brakes are obnoxiously squeaky, but grab great.

I don't know what the deal is with this car yet, but when I get out of the car I have a hint of exhaust smell on me. Gotta fix that really soon.

Complete tune up, only because the car was owned by the original buyers since it had 29 miles on it. They were in their 70's so the car was in excellent shape, it had all original parts on it.

Had to replace the battery terminals, they were causing a "flickering" in my headlights and other lights, very annoying.

I had less of a shift throw on my 1978 Chevy pickup. It's spaced out a bit too much.

General Comments:

I bought this car from the original owner, it was very well taken care of by an elderly couple who bought it new. It's got a mint interior, excellent body, runs excellent, new tires. I can't really complain too much since I bought the car for $500.00, I basically stole the car for this price. It even has air conditioning, that works!

It's a bit too small though.

For a 3 cylinder car, this thing moves itself very well. It's pretty quick, it's a lot faster than a Geo Metro.

Overall it's a good little car, but I will be looking for something a bit bigger, I feel like I'm driving a golf cart.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2002