29th Apr 2007, 23:51

I had purchased a 1992 Subaru Justy GL as my first car. I have owned the car for about 6 months now, I haven't had any problems with the car, other than a few repairs that were a result of driving like an idiot at ridiculous speeds in low traction environments. Here in Canada, the tires are a very odd size and to find a replacement you have to special order one. When special ordering the tires, you can expect to pay 100$CDN+ per tire. Luckily I only had a slashed sidewall and only had to replace one. I suggest switching to a more standard size 13" when replacing all four tires. The car gets amazing fuel economy, the guy at the gas station laughs at me when I fill half the tank for only $6.50CDN. So, as long as you don't hit a curb going 80km/h sideways than the car is great. Soon I'm installing a t25 turbo and intercooler from a '97 Eclipse, I'm expecting huge hp gains.


Bottom Line... Amazing car for the price.

18th Jun 2007, 10:16

1990 4-Dr GL 5-spd JUSTY - Bought it new and it now has 171,000 miles and going strong. Had a valve job at 163K 'cause the guys at the shop weren't adjusting them like they should. Never see these cars in Maryland anymore. Everyone makes fun of me when I have to buy tires... only one brand fits.

27th Aug 2007, 09:26

Why the UK insurance companies charge so much money for such a small car? How do they tell you in which group your car fits? The group depends on what? Price of the car? Power?

10th Jan 2008, 14:04

To the reviewer with the turbo from an eclipse, you install that turbo, I expect huge explosions!!

12th Apr 2008, 17:46

To the insurance comment. Is that only in the UK though? What about in Ontario Canada. I saw one for 600 bucks. Rust and needs some front brake pads but that's it. As 16 year old I need something cheap and reliable, and AWD would be nice.