1993 Subaru Legacy GT EH22 turbo VF10 from North America


Subaru; safe, fast, amazing, I love it


This is the best car I have ever had. I love this thing, it's a joy to own and it rides like it's on rails.

When I bought it, I took it for a 2 minute test drive and didn't really feel the car, but I bought it regardless.

After paying for it and registering it, the Check Engine light disappears, but comes on once in a blue moon. The ABS light came on once.

The CV boot makes a little noise and the sunroof leaks due to a "pipe blockage by leaves".

Anyways, I love this car regardless. It's a sleeper and quite zippy. Great handling, and for what it's worth, I would stand it up next to an AUDI or BMW Station wagon of its time.

Price of repairs is a joke compared to German cars, and buy tools DIY or find a good mechanic who doesn't rip off and knows what he/she is doing...

General Comments:

I really love my Subaru, superior quality, great craftsmanship.

The boxer engine, which is closed deck and bulletproof to boosting. Very tunable and modifiable to any spec.

This is a great daily driver or winter beater. With proper tires you can go where not many can.

Loves to chug gas a lot and it only drinks 94 octane.

It's pretty quick to accelerate, and the torque curve is generous to give it a 16 second stock qt. mile. An intake and exhaust with additional boost will bring this beast into 13s. Starts every time. 4wd transmission is great. I wish I had LSD in the rear. Star is the name of my Grey Subaru Legacy GT WAGON.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2009

1993 Subaru Legacy Sport Sedan EJ22T from North America


Perfection. What else can I say


No real problems with the car. All work that was done to her was routine, like:

Head gaskets, all new sensors, all new brakes front and rear with fluid.

I love the car so much, you can't even measure it. It has soo much power for its age, as well I plan to swap the turbo, injectors and add an intercooler.

All that I have done in the mods department is a turbo back exhaust. That freed up some power right there as well making it sound sweet.

The real goal of owning this car is to have a cheap high powered Subaru. It still surprises me how much power it has. It can nearly beat a WRX. Well mine almost can.

General Comments:

So I would totally recommend this car. Everything about the car is fantastic. From how the car handles all the way to the fit and finish of the interior part. It's a very well built car, if not over built in some aspects. Not to mention that these Gen. 1 Legacy turbos came with the legendary EJ22T motor. If you don't know what that motor is, google it, and you will see. The car is basically worth anything you paid for it just for the motor alone.

So ya. If you're a "Real" Subaru nut, this car is a must have. And you will not be disappointed. It's my 1st Subaru, and I'm never changing that. You get what you pay for in a Subaru... Quality.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2009

19th Feb 2010, 01:52

You are so right about the Legacy and the turbo engine.

Just bought one few months ago with 76,000 miles.

Unbelievable car (Legacy Wagon AWD Turbo).

Is my second Subaru, and my first turbo engine Subaru.

Awesome cars, and very reliable.

I do own an 06 Honda S also.

If the Honda will be AWD and have the same weight, it will be much slower.

Love both.

Subaru rocks.

29th May 2010, 22:49

176,000 miles and still tearing up the road! These cars are insane. I've had many "new" sport tuned cars and I feel that my 93 Legacy Wagon AWD w/turbo is just as fun. I wasn't even thinking performance when I bought it. Go figure. Nice work Subaru.

9th Feb 2011, 21:17

Yes, this Legacy is probably the most reliable and most bang for your buck Subaru.

I have driven many a Subaru before, and this Legacy is the king of them all!

I have owned it for over three years now, and I love every minute of it. Here is my car's exhaust in action!


Enjoy world!

Best Subi ever!!