2006 Subaru Legacy Special Edition 2.5i from North America


Fantastic vehicle for the price


Driver's side door gasket needed replaced. Caused a loud wind noise when going down the road.

Rear wheel bearings needed to be replaced at 40,000.

General Comments:

Car handles extremely well... feels like it "sticks" SO well to the road. I had the opportunity to drive it on the ice this winter... and it was awesome!

Has great re-sale value.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2009

2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i from Australia and New Zealand


I'd buy another tomorrow!


Front passenger door speaker is playing up.

Interior sunroof sliding shade rattles.

That is it.

General Comments:

This is the best (overall) car I have ever owned.

The build quality, design, and attention to detail is fantastic.

The interior is excellent in every respect, with the car seat tether points and Isofix attachments. The area under the boot floor (wagon) is well thought out, being able to stow the cargo blind safely away is great. Slightly cramped for someone over 1.8m tall, but I can live with it.

The ride and handling is excellent and puts many more expensive cars to shame.

The performance is a little lacking for myself but some of my other cars have been a Aussie V8 and a Limited Edition WRX, so I suppose it's not bad for a four cylinder engine.

My main reason for purchasing a Legacy was the safety aspect and practicality of the wagon body, and in 30000 kilometer's I have not been disappointed.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2008

2006 Subaru Legacy wagon 2.5i from North America




Digital clock / trip computer had an issue under recall and got replaced for free.

Windshield dings and cracks too easily (thin glass?).

Uhhhmmm, that's about it.

And not the car's fault, but a mouse filled the air box ahead of the filter with a nest and food... wondered why the mileage dropped? aha!

General Comments:

Car is excellent, my first "Japanese" car built in Indiana, USA. Alongside Toyota Camry's on the line! Freaky, eh?

Car feels planted, except with stock tires on winter roads, you NEED winter tires on this AWD car to keep it pointed straight. 17" rims can be downsized to 16" for the winter wheels - good way to go and keeps expense down too.

The car is more "deliberate" feeling when driving, not twitchy, or sporty. Feels sure.

When the car is really workin' to plow through high drifts, or steep hills on gravel, the center differential smells like it is burning (clutch slip?). Apparently normal for this car.

Not that powerful feeling for the base engine given its Hp rating, even worse with automatic so stick with the stick. Gas economy could be a notch higher.. it consumes more because it's AWD all the time, and the ECU is tuned at idle to rev high when engine is not up to temp.. Until this thing warms up, it sucks the gas.

Shorter than average leg room on front passenger seat. The computer is under the foot rest on that side stealing maybe 4" of leg room.

Seats a little more narrow than average, and a little short in thigh support for long legs.

Tilt steering, but no telescope to help tall driver position.

Windows are clear glass and absolutely needed aftermarket tinting to keep from becoming an oven.

Windshield seems to crack and chip more easily than other cars I've had. I've heard the original windshield is worse in this regard than aftermarket replacements, we'll see.

Missing some typical convenience features found even in low-line cars these days, like retained accessory power, one-touch up and down window. Added some aftermarket gizmos that solved these deficiencies for little money.

Some interior trim pieces are a bit cheap feeling, or thin feeling, or don't wear well (eg. easily scratched, or thin paint rubs off).

The car took a hit in the rear, low speed, bumper to bumper, but they rode up over mine. Assessed at $1400 damage.. but literally, you can hardly see the scratches in very good light, I just drove away from the scene, and did all the paperwork later. Still haven't bothered to repair that "damage" even though other party insurance is going to pay full.

The sloped windows of the rear wagon area cuts down on the size of rectangular objects (box) that you can fit in there. Just fits a 50lb dog kennel (open wire type) and not much else at the same time. Get a minivan if you need to haul lots of stuff all the time.

This car is one of the safest cars you can buy for any money, and is the primary reason why I picked it as the family hauler.

So far, this Legacy is way more reliable and less expensive and less hassle to operate & maintain than the VW Passat I had before it.

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Review Date: 15th January, 2008

21st Oct 2010, 03:37

Like you I went from a Passat wagon to a Legacy and don't regret the change one bit. The Passat was a complete and utter dog on the reliability stakes and the tiptronic change was a joke. The legacy is still heaps of fun to drive, versatile, a great ski wagon and reliable!