2007 Subaru Legacy Touring package H4 2.5 from North America


The legacy is both fun to drive and unique


Radio volume seems to surge on its own at times.

Radio screen went blank once. Although it kept working, was unable to change stations. Had to turn off ignition and reset. Solved the problem for now.

Dash material streaks if you try to clean it. Unable to correct it.

General Comments:

This is a very nice car with great handling and a good ride.

Fuel consumption is a little on the high side.

Radio tuner is below average in terms of audio quality and reception is terrible on some stations-CD player improves audio quality considerably.

The interior is very nice for the most part, but the door lock switchhes are very cheap looking. Why have a nice illumination package inside, but leave the door locks with a tacky red sticker to indicate doors are unlocked?

I have owned the car for two months and have a serious problem with it. Ican't get comfortable in the driver's seat no matter what I do. My back is a total mess as a result. I have tried every position possible and will probably burn out the power seat motor from all the adjustments, but I can't get set. Even an Obus form doesn't help all that much. The seat design must be the problem and I now wish I could rid myself of the car for that reason alone.

I have always loved Subaru so my making that last statement was particularly hard.

Going to ask the dealer if anything can be done, although I suspect not.

Otherwise a nice car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 22nd February, 2007

2nd Mar 2007, 16:43

Original poster updating my experience with this car. Just today after dropping my daughter at school, the car would not go back into "park". Had to play with it for 10 minutes before it would return to park position. What is going on? While this was going on there was a noise coming from the tranny area that sounded like a torn muffler. Took it to the dealer and guess what...Yep, they couldn"t duplicate the problem. Also the driver's seat is literally breaking my back. What a piece of junk!!!