23rd Jul 2007, 05:15

I was employed by Subaru AUS in the past...

Unfortunate...to say the least.

Your heater gurgle... service fault. Cooling system not bled correctly.

Your CV shafts... part of the same fault as the auto trans. Rear duty solenoids-not centre diff---they don't have one!!

Your remote not unlocking, but locking... mis diagnosed - not repaired correctly.

Can't remember the rest... they are GOOD vehicles. MOST NZ Subaru owner aren't happy.. go figure.

8th Jul 2008, 03:37

Australia and New Zealand might be the wrong climate for the best performance of the vehicle. I live in the Rocky Mountains and we have no issues with reliability, dealer support, expense, or maintenance. My sub, boyfriend's, and numerous residents here have no complaints. Seems the issues you had may be specific to your vehicle, and the previous owner's care or lack of care.

23rd Oct 2010, 22:31

Hey there, I've had my Subaru Legacy since 9/12/09, and now its 22/10/10 and I have had really nasty problems with mine. Sadly still paying it off, so getting rid of it is no option.

First of all, a week after getting it, I noticed it didn't pull as hard as others did, so put a boost gauge in, and full boost from the turbo" was 5 psi.

It had a nasty oil leak from the oil pump; got that fixed, $600 for the little o-ring seal, then no 4 cylinder failed big time. I'm no boy racer, so this was not my doing. I keep getting told that no 4 cylinder has a tendency to lean out in all turbo ej20s, due to the design in the fuel system, but other than that, I love it. Every morning I go for a smoke, wishing it was running right. I'm currently saving for the engine to be overhauled and the fuel system to be split, so all injectors have even fuel psi.

Just run it on high octane fuel too. My mate detonated his engine running it on 91 octane.