1994 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.0 turbo from Denmark


Great performance, great bargain


Clutch was just replaced, but unfortunately dismounted from installment or was misused when I purchased the car. After 60000 km it was replaced.

Some minor rust spots were repaired.

Generally it was in good condition, when bought and sold, but it had a few weak spots that needed attention.

Over the years it got several minor problems.

General Comments:

The car was awesome. Great performance and a true wolf in a sheep's dress. I loved feeding it a bit.

Nice leather seats and A/C made for a comfortable interior.

Enough luggage capacity for a whole family.

It was even a relatively cheap car. Comparable performance comes at a price far higher.

Only Subaru offers this level of performance, low running cost and reliability.

A bit soft chassis and suspension.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2011

1994 Subaru Legacy GT Wagon 2.0 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Nice cars, but beware of maintenance


Engine block was cracked. "Certified dealer" was out of business by then, but the warranty covered half the cost.

Same time, it had a transmission rebuild.

Ignition needed changing.

Power steering needed a rebuild.

Various sensors needed changing. Knock sensor broke down 4 times, water temperature sensor broke down twice.

CV boots and joints kept breaking every year.

AC stopped working (re gas... this is not something tragic).

CD stacker broke down.

General Comments:

Car itself was not bad. It felt very solid on the road, and it felt good driving it. Plenty of power across the revs. Handling was not bad either. You could feel it is a heavy car, but pushing it into corners, you could get the feel of what it was about to do.

Interior was very well built, with good materials. I don't remember anything breaking inside at any given time. The semi-bucket seats were comfy and solid.

But overall, it needed high maintenance to even be usable. There was always something wrong with it. If it was not electrical, it was mechanical etc etc. Think more money than the car's value was spent on this thing across these few years. Also, the boxer engine is not like any other conventional engines, so you need to know what you are doing if you don't want to pay someone else.

Overall, I would buy another Legacy, but I would pay more attention at what I am buying. These cars are fast, and often are given a lot of abuse by owners. If buying second hand, just make sure it is treated properly, and when you do own it, try not to hammer it every time you see an open road, and it will last. This car was driven by another family member, who didn't really know what to do with it, and how to treat it. Other cars were fine in her hands though.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2011

1994 Subaru Legacy GT Twin Turbo 2.0 twin turbo from UK and Ireland


Best, most reliable, fast, most practical car I have ever owned!



General Comments:

Out-accelerated a new Audi Quattro on the M1... this car is a 94! WTH!!

Quite simply the best most reliable, fast, most practical car I have ever owned at the BEST purchase price (£2.8k).

I now live in Canada, and I contrast the North American reviews with those of us who have owned imported Subarus in the UK! What does this mean? It means that when these things get touched by North American hands, they screw them up with a focus on profit/lowest cost and built to fail - not reliability. How else can all the non North American reviews say they are great? I am one of them! ANSWER - BUY A GREY IMPORT MADE IN JAPAN, NOT ONE MADE IN THE US!!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2010

19th Nov 2010, 02:44

Amen to that. I also had a Japanese import 1994 twin turbo, and it too was one of the best cars I had ever owned. Awesome torque for easy cruising, and great handling as well. I recently bought a non-turbo Subaru Legacy 2.5L, and I must say I miss the old one desperately.

It's amazing how much more refined the turbo engine is, not to mention the power difference.