27th Jun 2005, 18:42

I've driven at least 15 Subarus, from J12s to WRXs in the last 10 years and let me tell you, if you drive for more than an hour, your bottom WILL start hurting. Just get a pillow!

1st Aug 2006, 02:51

I just purchased a 2006 Legacy Outback wagon a few hours ago. I went into the dealership with the sole intention of leaving with a manual Forester, but a couple of soul-tormenting hours later drove off in the Legacy Outback.

I've put only about 60 miles on it so far (tonight), but it handles like a much smaller car. The 17inch wheels really make it stick to the road, and the acceleration of the non-turbo engine is good enough. I DON'T like that you can't change the radio (I have one waiting to be installed, but now can't use it). It sounds okay, but not great and I'm picky. That, and it being automatic (with tip-shifter) makes me wonder if I made a mistake. Its very comfortable and quiet, and is rated at 22-28mpg. I knew I'd get a Subaru, just didn't realize which one. The dealer said I could exchange it first thing in the morning if I wanted to. So far its been a long night.

18th Dec 2006, 15:18

I just purchased a 2007 Legacy sedan and absolutely love the car. The only issue I have experienced in my short two days of owning the car is the unbearable discomfort with seats. I am constantly adjusting the seating position in search of a comfortable position. My back is just too sore for anything longer than a 15-30 minute drive. Is this a typical complaint?

7th Nov 2008, 13:08

I couldn't agree more with the discomfort of the front seats. I bought my Legacy wagon 2005 2 weeks ago (Oct 08) and I can say that this is the most uncomfortable car I ever drove. I cannot get a good seating position, my ass get sore after 15 mins + it makes spring noises just like an old mattress. It's really annoying. Other than this, I love the car! ;-)

15th Sep 2009, 14:55

I am an avid Subaru fan, currently on my 4th Subaru and here is my experience:

My first sub was the 1997 BG series, this did not have seat height adjust, the drivers seat hung low, which exerted undue stress to the back. This car rode on 15" rims, on 195/65 tyres.

I then got the Forester turbo SF series 1999 model, the front seat was much better with an upright position, it had lumbar support with no height adjust, turbo was quite good and the car rode on 16 inch tyres with good tire profile on 205's. Don't remember having back issues on this, though there wasn't enough leg space as the seat could move far back to my liking.

My third was the Subaru BE series, B4 Legacy 2000 model, the seats were leather but too low, back problem was worse in this model, height adjust was available together with the lumbar support, which did not seem to help much, the car rode on 15" rims adorned with 195/65 tyres..

I now have my fourth sub, a 2004 BL series sedan, 2500cc manual trans, it rides on 17' rims with Bilstein shocks that have a ride tough for the back, the sitting position is a bit better than the B4 series, but the back problem is now worse from the hard competition shocks, the car is riding on 225/45 tires.

I think Subaru need to pay attention on this teething front seat issue, as I am now considering switching brands, just coz of the back pain concerns that seems to be ignored even with brand upgrades. (M.Odhiambo)