23rd Jun 2006, 07:51


I'm 6'5" and drive a 2.0R all day in my job. 45k in a year. No problems with comfort at all.

31st Aug 2006, 21:29

I agree. I own a BMW 325xi and the seat contour gives me a back pain during long rides. I owned a impreza earlier and I felt it was uncomformatable as well.

25th Aug 2007, 12:52

I own a 2007 legacy Touring package with the power seat. There is absolutely no position which makes this a comfortable seat. My back is a total mess. What gives? I have it up for sale for this reason only. It is a shame because the car itself is fantastic, but I can't live with this kind of pain due to a bad seat design. Subaru should be taking some responsibility or at the very least offer a solution.

6th Jul 2008, 10:21

My friend has a sister that sells Subarus. He always advertises them, and I say I will never purchase one. My reasons are outlined below:

1) I couldn't agree more with the comfort issue, although, in my defense, it varies by the model and seat materials/fabrics. My friend, the brother of the salesperson, has a 2005 Subaru Outback Sedan with the leather upholstery. I find the back seat entirely too small, but nicely designed with good contours. The front, on the other hand, is too small and not contoured well. I am 21 years old, 5 feet, 5 inches, and would rather sit in the back than the front. You guys also mentioned the Impreza. I do not know specifically about the Impreza, but my aunt has a 2005 Forester (based off of the Impreza platform), and find the cloth seats with leather 'borders' somewhat uncomfortable. They are an improvement over the Outback's, but still, the pain is excruciating, the prospect intolerable, and the seats themselves entirely unacceptable. I still find the cloth seats in my father's 2001 Ford Taurus and my grandfather's 1997 Thunderbird's cloth seats better. Heck, even the seats in my uncle's 2003 Saturn Vue are better. In any of the three above scenarios, the seats are flat, but still preferred by me.

2) I also don't like the fact that Subarus come with standard AWD. It is a good idea, but I feel it is a waste, because, even here in Pittsburgh, you do not need it unless the roads haven't been plowed yet. You will still slide on ice, and that isn't an all-wheel-drive issue, that would be traction and stability. Subaru should offer each model in two-wheel-drive, and widen their appeal.

For the above reasons, I could never purchase a Subaru.