1989 Subaru Liberty LX 2.2 Boxer from Australia and New Zealand


A crippling debt waiting to be purchased


Alternator blew at 204000k, and couldn't find a replacement for under $500 AU, so a Nissan example was fitted.

Parts of exhaust have rusted away.

Gears on auto box change erratically.

Engine needs tuning every 6 months.

Wheel bearings needed replacing at 200000, as well as a rear shock absorber.

Paint on bonnet has cracked extensively.

Tail light came out of its housing.

General Comments:

After owning this car for a mere one year, I have encountered more problems with it, than with any other that I have ever owned. It's incredible fuel consumption makes you consider purchase a v8 to conserve fuel, however this, and the expensive replacement part prices are somewhat counteracted by good overall reliability. I really enjoy driving this car when it is running properly, however this can be a mean feat on a students wage.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2003

17th Sep 2003, 17:19

If you're complaining that the engine needs to be tuned up every 6 months, I'm not surprised you're having so many problems! Cars like the Liberty are very finely tuned and rely on a lot of computer technology for such important areas as the fuel injection. If you do not keep them tuned properly you will continue to see reliability problems.

Perhaps you should sell it and go back to a Datsun, the maintenance costs of which it sounds like you were expecting.