17th Sep 2003, 23:17

Um, a tune-up every 6 months, and you're complaining? Wouldn't this just be responsible car ownership? Are you one of those people when faced with the question: "how often do you check the oil?" just look at them all funny like and say "OIL?"


1st Jan 2004, 20:09

For over 200000km, you have to expect some fairly decent wear and tear. Automatic gearboxes do have wearing parts, especially the brake bands that do most of the work selecting gears. I am not surprised that the alternator needed replacing. Although Subarus are very reliable cars, they will wear over time.

I would say with your engine troubles (as well as your v8 fuel consumption) that possibly your car has had a very hard life. I have a 94 model with 205000k's on the clock, and it still only drinks about 8L/100km (around 28mpg) on average. The only problem I have had was the crankshaft and camshaft front oil seals which began leaking. It was an easy fix when I got my timing belts changed. From what I've heard, it is one problem that the boxer engines are prone to, so keep an eye on it.

1st Jan 2004, 23:59

My grandfather bought his LX in 1989 and drove it every day, and on very poor country roads.

There were absolutely no problems until 1997, when the alternator died. It was replaced at considerable expense, but this was the only problem he encountered until it was sold in

2000 after his death, and it was in perfect working order.

Liberty's only cause grief if they are neglected.

2nd Mar 2006, 01:22

Hows it going? My family has an 1989 subaru liberty GX AWD. It has done just under 240000kms! It has run really well for the a couple years, my parents service it every 6 months, but 4 or 5 months ago it started playing up. It keeps cutting out now at any speed. We have had a specialist change heaps of things that are wrong. From the Cat back exhaust to the wiring being checked. The mechanic is going to try change the oxygen sensor, then if that doesn't do anything then he will try the computer again. Can anyone help me?? Have any idea what could be wrong?? Any advice would be much appreciated!!


13th Jul 2006, 21:28

I Have a 1990 GX auto and it has irregular idling, resulting in occasional stalling. Is this a common problem? And what is the cause? And how much should it cost to rectify?

19th Jul 2007, 04:40

Hello, I hope someone can help me with my problem. I have a 1996 Subaru Liberty. It has done 210,000 km. I have an intermittent problem that my mechanic has not been able to solve. Occasionally, when driving up a hill, it starts to loose power and then cuts out - this has been pretty dangerous a couple of times when on a freeway -luckily I have been able to move over quickly and pull off the road before it completely dies. It usually smells hot, but the gauge is OK. After only a few minutes, it starts again and usually does not cause problems again. Can anyone suggest what the problem might be? Thanks.

31st Jul 2007, 20:05

I have a 94 Liberty LX FWD and have been experiencing the same problems mentioned above, intermittent power outages, rough idling and so forth, have spent a bucket load getting the following done, Timing belts replaced, new air intake computer, new battery and leads, new manifold gaskets, a new radiator and a full alternator, ignition and electronic check that showed no faults in the electrics. The following has solved the over heating problem, but I still get a slight burnt cooling fluid smell, but gauges read normal.

Am at wits end in narrowing down the problem, please help!!!

24th Aug 2007, 01:00

I have a Subaru Liberty 1994 that also cuts out occasionally on hills. Did you ever find out the cause of the problem?

2nd Sep 2007, 19:09

I also have a 1995 Subaru Liberty, which cuts out up hills. It was becoming worse, and after a mechanic looking at it, he was scratching his head and has no idea what the problem is. He has replaced the fuel pump, checked the coil and replaced two fuel injectors! It now will not work on flat areas now and is misfiring! Can anyone help?!!!

6th Sep 2007, 18:18

I have a 1995 Liberty LX and am experiencing the same problem - engine cuts out occasionally when climbing hill, and Check Engine light comes on. I can restart the car immediately. Mechanic has replaced crank angle and cam angle sensors (indicated as faulty by engine management computer) but problem still remains. If anyone has found the problem/solution, please post as comment.

19th Apr 2008, 23:48

Are all your cars manuals? If so then it may be something to do with that hill holder or whatever. Subaru's from around that era had a special valve so that you didn't need the break to start on hills, maybe its something to do with that.

28th May 2008, 06:14

My mate just bought a Subaru Liberty LX 92' and claims it's a 2.0 Ltr. I've checked everywhere on car sales and cars guide on that particular model and year, and I haven't seen one 2.0 Ltr at all. If there are any, can you please let me know??!


25th Jun 2008, 03:38

It is the alternator. I have the same problem with hills. The cost to replace it is not worth it.

27th Oct 2010, 02:39

Our 95 Subaru Liberty runs rough and loses power or cuts out intermittently. Starts again in a few minutes. Agents can find no fault on computer check. Crank angle sensor was replaced some years ago. Otherwise it goes well!

We are looking at giving it away (AKA "trade in") because one can't risk grandkids in a unreliable car that may cut out on a freeway or tunnel. Very frustrating because in other respects it has been a fantastic car.

Any suggestions appreciated.


10th Feb 2011, 20:01

Hey guys,

I own a 1993 Liberty GX. I have had all similar problems with my car. I have had the distributor coils replaced, which seemed to fix the major problem. I believe the motor loses power on hills due to a number of things. The boxer engine is unique to any other engine, which gives them many characteristics and tricks. You can purchase a can of upper engine cleaner from your Subaru or mechanics, which removes carbon deposits from the valves. I have been told that the loss of power is due to the exhaust valves sticking (staying open during compression), causing a loss in power. By spraying this can of upper engine cleaner into your motor, it should remove a large amount of carbon deposit, which causes the valves to stick. When you eventually turn the motor over, large amounts of smoke come out of the exhaust. My mechanic mate tells me that when they service a Subaru, you are supposed to spray a can of this into the motor every time, and no smoke is supposed to come out. I have been regularly been using this method since then, and the problem has been significantly reduced.

I have also discovered that this occurs when my oil reaches approximately 10,000km old. Subarus are fussy cars, and require, like previously said, regular servicing. When my car begins to lose power on hills etc, I know it's time for an oil change, which tends to fix the problem. Also, synthetic oils, despite very pricey, work the best I have found. You won't have to change the oil as much as your standard 10W40 oils. I can't afford the synthetic stuff, so I just change oils more regularly. These methods have effectively reduced the occurrence of this problem in my car. I can't say it will fix your problems, because it could be something different, but the loss of power and the sound the engine makes before and during the loss of power definitely sounds like a cylinder misfire, and the fact that no engine problems or check engine lights come on makes me think that it is as simple as a valve sticking. Hope this helps.