1991 Subaru Liberty GX 2.2L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


This car is very brilliant and definitely reliable, well worth it


It has minor side damage, it only needs to be bogged up and painted.

The gearbox is wobbly and needs a new cog part.

It did have no rego when I bought it, but I paid that straight away.

Other than that it is perfectly fine.

General Comments:

This car is a brilliant first car. I bought it for myself to do my 'P' test, I hope I pass. It was only $400.

It drives well and sounds great. It was only owned by one older lady and then a younger guy. The lady had a sports exhaust put on and lowered it.

It's definitely a fun car and has great boot/trunk space.

I would definitely recommend for this car to be bought.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2017

1991 Subaru Liberty LX 2.2 from Australia and New Zealand


Probably the most likeable car I had ever owned


Alternator faulty at 170000. Replaced.

Diff seal leaked at 175000, causing auto fluid to leak into the diff, destroying diff gears. Diff replaced.

1800000km. Valve gear noisy on one side of the engine. Engine flushed to solve the problem.

230000. Heater hose blew. Engine overheated, causing a small crack in the cylinder head on one side.

General Comments:

Generally very happy with the vehicle, regardless of the problems with the engine and transmission.

The car was front wheel drive only (not AWD). Handled very well, and was quick on acceleration.

Seats and carpet had begun to wear, but interior quality was good if you compare it to some other makes.

Exterior colour was Bronze, and it was very hot in summer after being closed up outside.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2010

5th Oct 2011, 20:50

I have the same model and colour as well, with the same problems at around the same Kms. At the moment the car is overheating and I've stopped driving it. Thinking about a home job engine rebuild, but don't know if it's worth it and don't know how much it would cost. Only had the car 4 months and it has already had all these problems, so not very impressed compared to other cars I've had in the past.

20th Jun 2012, 20:14

Reality check: the car could have been hand made out of gold, but at 20 years old, NO car is going to be perfectly reliable. If you want a reliable car, try getting it in its first decade, for a change.

1991 Subaru Liberty LX 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Much better than some cars I have driven


Auto gearbox seal. All the fluid ran into the diff and destroyed the gears in the diff.

Starter motor failed. Had to replace.

Replaced leaking radiator.

Replaced heater hose.

Both times engine overheated, which is the worst thing one can do to a Subaru motor my mechanic said.

I disposed of the car recently as it was using radiator coolant through a small crack in one of the heads, and was going to cost more than I was prepared to pay to repair a car 19 years old. I was advised to fit a replacement engine.

I felt that it could have had better brakes. I had them serviced and they were no different.

New exhaust system fitted at 200000.

General Comments:

I was very impressed with the cars handling, even though it only had front wheel drive (some had AWD)

Interior finish was very good and carpets wore well.

I was impressed by the boxer engine, and it had a nice exhaust note.

I was so impressed by the car, I decided to test drive a 2002 Liberty RX, and now own one.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2010

1991 Subaru Liberty GX 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


371,000 km and still goes like a rocket


Front suspension squeaks over bumps.

Tape player has given up, but radio still works and the speakers are good.

Left rear door doesn't lock with the central locking.

General Comments:

This car is excellent. It has done almost 372,000km and is in fabulous condition. Many of the kilometers seem to have been done in the country judging by the service manual.

The car performs faultlessly.

It has enough power to spin the front wheels with less than half the accelerator travel! It is quite economical (about 10L/100km) and very easy to drive and park.

The drivers seat is beginning to wear out, but it is still remarkably comfortable and very adjustable. The car is well equipped even by today's standards, with cruise, A/C (very cold), electric window and mirrors, etc.

Overall it is a brilliant car with superb build quality, as it has lasted this many km on the original engine and transmission with nothing falling off!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

7th Oct 2008, 04:45

I have a 91 Liberty 4WD wagon with 360000kms on it. The fuel economy seems to be very poor, around 300kms to a tank. Does anyone know what may be a cause of this? It runs smooth and is a great car, but other people have stated they get 450 - 500kms to a tank, so I suspect something must be sapping the economy. Cheers.

24th Dec 2008, 05:57

I have a 91 Lib also, and I find the fuel range varies greatly. Some times only reaching 300kms before needing to be refilled, but other times peaking at almost 1000kms - I have driven from Dubbo to Melbourne on a single tank with spare fuel left over to get around in Melb!

I think that the variation comes from the way the car is being driven. When I drove from Dubbo to Melb, I had the cruise control on and was just sitting on 100kms almost the whole way with the engine RPM at about 3000. But this good economy is contrasted to low kms when I brake hard then accelerate harder (LOL) it can drink the juice very quick.

This variation has surprised me most about the car.

25th May 2017, 13:46

I have a 1991 Subaru Liberty GX 4WD sedan with an EJ25 swapped into it and I average around 10L/100km, but the problem is the fuel tank is just way too small...

1991 Subaru Liberty GX 2.2 flat four from Australia and New Zealand


Solid performer with all the features


Rusted exhaust system.

Sunroof motor malfunction.

General Comments:

Being the GX model it has a lot of standard features.

The power steering is a bit light without much road feel to it.

2.2 flat four is very impressive, torquey throughout the low - mid rev range and has a mean boxer exhaust note to it.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2004