31st Aug 2006, 13:43

I have the same "ticking" problem. How hard is it to change the oil pump?

19th Dec 2006, 04:01

Like all work on subarus its dirt easy.

4th Jun 2008, 14:20

The ticking is either gunk in the lifter(s), which can be taken care of by adding SeaFoam, or other engine oil additive cleaner in the oil. But most likely it's the oil pump gasket, or o-ring between the oil pump and the engine case. It flattens and hardens over time. Oil may not leak out, but air will be sucked in by the oil pump, and put air bubbles in the oil. These air bubbles collect in the lifters and keep them from pumping up. But, to replace the o-ring you must remove the oil pump. So, you're better off replacing the pump. Which requires the removal of, or allows better access to, the timing belts and tensioners, water pump, and cam seals. Replace them all, and your little Soobie will last a long time.

30th Jul 2008, 22:45

I know that ticking problem well. I bought a '93 Loyale wagon nearly 3 years ago and my mechanic said not to put too much money into it, but it still runs strong. I had an '80 1600 DL-5 that got ruined with Hurricane Katrina down here in New Orleans and the Loyale picked up where the little 1600 left off. I love the car.

6th May 2011, 17:56

Thank for the noise lifter tip on old school Subys. I'm used to working on newer models. Thanks from drag-on-tec kiwi land.

19th Jan 2013, 20:03

I have just purchased a 91 Subaru Loyale wagon with 330kms on it... and it has the ticking problem... but I just keep driving it to work.

It's great on gas!

It has a few dents, as someone said they dent easy.

Lately, the starter has been acting up, so I bought a used one at the wrecker and I'm going to try to install it myself!? Kind of cool to have the spare under the hood.

1st Apr 2013, 00:47

Okay, so you say that replacing the timing belts and doing an oil pump kit is easier than replacing the pump! About how much is the cost of this if I do it all myself? How many hours are involved? Along with the amount I would have to spend? You can send me an email at jez.gonzales@yahoo.com.

Thank you, Connie