1st Oct 2011, 16:19

Surely you jest... my friend... I live in the middle of nowhere in northern California (where it hits Nevada)... I and my kids, and wife travel long distances to Reno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake across mountains and deserts, 80 inches of snow and 105 degree temps all in the same month, and we all drive Subarus, each of them purchased when it had over 100k miles. Other than the obligatory head-gasket (an easy job that can be done with the engine still in the car - contrary to the myths many shops insist upon telling customers), these cars are worry free and long lasting.

The very notion that they are worn out at 60k miles is preposterous. But then again, people thinking they need something new is what keeps the economy going, I suppose. So by all means: Fire up the economy as you see fit, but to make claim that a Subaru is trash before it gets to 100,000 miles is ghastly, nonsensical, and flat out in error.

BTW: next time you wish to rid yourself of your "worn out" Subaru, drop me a line! I'll pay you what you think it is worth, in cash, no problem. And thanks - in advance!

14th Dec 2011, 06:45

There are other problems with the 2.5-litre Outback, other than blowing the head gaskets. Transmission jerk can be another issue. The timing belt change is due at 100,000km, so it can often be cheaper to replace than do all that servicing. Of course you could go for the 6-cylinder version, which are knocked down for around the same sort of prices as the 2.5-litre.

Your idea of coming to Japan and buying at auction just might be a winner. Keep in mind the steering wheel's on the right. And the US government may not be over-enthusiastic about grey importation, so may throw a lot of regulation at the enterprising potential importer. If you get beyond first base, post a message,