15th Jan 2008, 20:27

My 2001 out back is junk.

20th Jan 2008, 09:19

2001 Legacy Wagon currently with 139,500 miles. Original owner.

Love the AWD! Love how it handles on difficult driving conditions. What is not so good:

Under extended warranty (100,000) at 80,000 miles I had head gasket replaced, 70,000 miles -knock sensor. There were several less important things done under warranty as well.

This the second winter that we've noticed a strong gasey smell in the garage after driving the car during MN cold spells. Didn't think too, much about it because the car ran well and when we took it in for oil changes and other maintanence work, no problems were indicated.


The check engine light began to come on and then off and then on and then off again last month. After the fourth time that the infamous shining light on the dash came on, we took it to a local mechanic. They diagnosed that the catalytic converter needed to be replaced. We had it replaced less than two weeks ago. $795.

A major cold spell hit us last Friday... strong antifreeze smell. Back to mechanic. Head Gasket...$1300.00. What gives?

Once the gasket is replaced, time to replace the Subaru... with a different make-not Subaru. Bummer... Just can't keep putting so much$ into this car.

20th Jan 2008, 15:01

I bought my 2000 Subaru Outback wagon in 1999 and just hit 100K miles. I absolutely love my car, but have had a number of problems consistent with a number of other comments -- had to replace clutch at ~ 30K miles; replace clutch master and slave cylinders and head gasket at ~ 40K miles. On my second alternator replacement, and now have the fuel smell in the passenger compartment on cold days. I had a mechanic tighten the easily accessible fuel lines, but the problem persists -- I'm told it's a leak in the manifold.

Despite the problems, I refuse to sell it -- I'm hoping to get another 100K out of it.

21st Jan 2008, 22:33

I am the original owner of a 2000 Subaru Outback Limited Wagon, which currently has 104,000 miles. Although I like my car, I think that Subaru has reliability issues.

I have followed the maintenance guidelines, and taken the car in for the head gasket additive recall. The sunroof mechanism has partially stopped working (the front sunroof does not open, but the back one does). I have had issues with the cigarette lighter/power port - it does not work.

The dreaded check engine warning light has been coming on and off during the last couple of months. Dealer, and there is only one that is close, wants $1500 to replace the catalytic converter. I also have the smell that some other posters have referred to, which I think is related to the catalytic converter failing. The dealer wants another $1500 to replace the timing belt and the major 100K service (which I have not yet done).

I am now left with the choice of putting $3,000 into this vehicle or getting rid of it. Given all that I have read on this site, I think that I am going to get rid of it, as there are too many people who have had things go wrong. I will NOT replace it with another Subaru.

24th Jan 2008, 19:31

I have a 2001 Outback, had it since it was new. Do all required maintenance. At 60,000 miles I had the clutch replaced... and am now confronted with the shudder that so many have mentioned. Only when going from first to second gear.. and only about 1/3 of the time... had THAT clutch replaced (thanks to my mechanic, a freebie) as well as the fly wheel. Yep, still the shudder. And then I read all that has been posted here and realize it's not just me OR my car, but Subaru's in general. So why in the world isn't Subaru figuring out the fix, is what I want to know.

Have also dealt with the wind through the driver's window seal as long as I've had the car... and have dealt with the engine light coming on and told it was just the O2 sensor and not to worry.

No gas smell or head gasket woes yet... but after I have read these posts, I feel like I am waiting for another shoe to drop.

Fact is, I love my Outback ------ but sure do hate dealing with these issues. Seems like Subaru ought to be reading these posts and figuring out how to help!

28th Jan 2008, 14:07

I wrote back in May of 2007. 2000 Outback wagon I bought new December of 1999. The last 8 months have brought me...

1. My Car overheated on a hot and humid day, I pulled off the freeway into the shade, faced it into the wind, let it cool down and waited out the traffic. My radiator was plugged about 80% they said. Which makes me wonder about the head gasket 'conditioner' put in my car.

2. Oil pump leaking, got that replaced and and timing belt done. at 85,000 miles.

3. No more fuel injectors have died.

4. Twice this winter the car has started hard, stunk, and rattled when I started it and the check engine light comes on. It gets better if I let it warm up and then start it a second time. Then after more driving and a few starts the check engine light goes out.

5. I was told in December I still have 30% left on my second set of brakes.

6. The car squeaks all the time, it sounds like the right rear, I am having my car serviced this week.

It's not a limited. I think my only option was the cold weather package. I did add a hitch last summer. So I do not have sunroof issues. The only air noise I hear involves the front bar of the roof rack. But I do put armor-all on the window and door gaskets twice a year.

11th Feb 2008, 18:50

I own a 2000 Outback Limited; I had always wanted one. Wish I had read these sooner. I bought it used in Oct 2006. 118,000 miles on it.$7000 First front rotors and pads.$100 Then the knock sensor.$350 Right front cv-axle.$105 Next needed alignment. Ended fixing wheel hub and bearing and left cv-axle.$500 New tires. $275 Have problem with sunroofs leak. Also 6-disc Cd changer repair $250. Needs turn signal assembly. $100 130,000 miles on it. Right now its in the shop for transmission and front differential. Can't be rebuilt cause main components snapped. Am looking for used replacements or cheap re-manufactured one. Potential costs. $2500-$4000 Bringing total to almost $13,000. Should have bought a nex Scion XB.

27th Feb 2008, 14:34

2000 Outback Wagon with the check engine light problem as well as all the rest - bad smells, wind noise - occasional hesitation when starting from a dead stop (auto trans.)

I also think the brakes on this car are too small for its weight.

It is a great car in the snow and it's my 4th Subaru, but I think it's my last. I'll stick with Honda from now on!

27th Feb 2008, 14:49

2000 Subaru Outback Wagon (automatic)

Reading through the posts I at least feel I'm not alone with the issues I've seen. The car has 152,156 miles on it, and I'm the original owner.

Car was great until January 2006 with 118762 miles on it. Before that it was new tires at 76000 miles, changed fuel filters, spark plugs, throttle bottle a few thousand miles later, brake service at 88,000 miles. Freak issue of a rock hitting the transmission filter at about 90,000 miles (of course, 200 miles from home and feeding it Dextron III to get back) The big bills started in Jan 2006- timing belt, accy belts, crank & cams seals, water pump, antifreeze- about $1200 US. Noticed smoke coming from left front area at a stop light soon after, had to get the CV axle assembly replaced. Check engine light came on intermittently at 137K miles. Finally bit the bullet at 145K miles (had to pass emissions) and had the catalytic converter and knock sensor replaced, along with sway bar end links because of a thumping sound around corners. Thought the car was rejuvenated! Soon after got that same burnt smell many folks have described, particularly under the hood. I think it was related to the converter replacement, but garage (which I trust) couldn't find any leaks and couldn't smell it either. Smell is more noticeable in warm weather.

Latest issue is car seems to have difficulty starting. Just had the starter assy replaced which didn't seem to fix the problem. Issue with parking brake sensor maybe?

It's been a pretty good car, but getting some serious mileage, and I'm losing faith in it's ability to get me back from where I go...