10th Nov 2008, 13:50

Subaru is not the most authentic Japanese car maker with this car made in Indiana USA. But it is a good car all around. Great for winter driving.

23rd Feb 2010, 14:21

Here is an update after 4 years and 166,000km.

The car has proven 100 percent reliable, with only scheduled maintenance up to 160,000 km. A few things have gone wrong:

Replaced both front struts at 160,000 km.

Gas cap not sealing properly at 155,000 km.

Front stabilizer bushings at 155,000 km.

Outer tie rod end (right front) at 160,000 km.

Front left drive shaft worked out of front differential at 166,000 km, although the car still drove without incident.

With these few repairs, the car performs and rides like new. Much less trouble than any North American car I have owned. It does not smoke, burn or leak any oil. The car never required any repair under warranty. I have no intention of trading this vehicle for a long time.

The only issue was the factory installed tires, they were not very good in snow, I purchased snow tires and rims. The winter performance is great.

This is a very durable and reliable vehicle. I consider the repairs done to be very normal and reasonable for the mileage of the vehicle.

27th Sep 2011, 15:33

Traded in the 2006 Outback with 216,000 km on the odometer.

Had a major service performed at 200,000 km, and the vehicle needed 2 CV joint boots and universal joint replacement.

For the distance travelled, this car has been very reliable; replaced only headlights and tires, two brake jobs after 90,000 km. Universal joints are not available from dealer, one must either replace the entire drive shaft or find a specialty shop to perform the job. Very expensive, either way.

The Outback was an excellent purchase, very reliable car. The only real problems occurred after 160,000 km and were not unreasonable for the distance travelled. Traded for a 2011 Outback, which gets better gas mileage with a larger engine on regular fuel. I am definitely a lifetime Subaru customer.