2nd Aug 2002, 02:14

I posted the original review on my little baby Sherpa... sadly I had to sell it and upgrade to a Pulsar, as it was simply too unsafe on the roads. There are a lot of ditzy blonde middle-aged women driving four-wheel drives where I live, and one close call too many really drove home what little crash protection I had. I did sell it to a friend however, and he loves it almost as much as I do. I still get to drive her every now and then! The little fella was still running like a dream... and yes, still only 105km/hr... you must weigh less than I do!

27th Sep 2003, 09:53

Send us a pic of your sherpa, (dude with the sick tip) I wanna buy one and can't wait to hot the baby up!

30th Jan 2004, 22:24

ROCK ON SHERPA FOLLOWERS.. 135, pfffft, I got mine up to 155 off the dial.. (the dial finishes at 140) and remarkable smooth.

This little ripper is my first car, and yes I am a bit of a hoon, and it has given me a bit of a reputation. My mates can't believe that I can keep up down the highway in a little 2 cylinder.

I've decked her out with the usual... CD player, subs, spottie's, checker plated, neons.. You name it.

I've heard that the Honda Civic has the same stud pattern as the Sherpa's, so I'm out on the look for some small wheels. I'm from the Gold Coast, QLD.


24th Feb 2004, 23:56

I have a 1987 Sherpa with what looks like a backseat, but has been bolted down. Does anyone know if it is possible/legal to make that into a proper backseat?

Tracy, Qld

6th Dec 2006, 08:27

Hey unless you're an elf I can't understand how you could possible sleep inside a sherpa, but I admire your sense of adventure, yeah a pop-top sherpa on gas with a mini-bar would be pretty kick ass, maybe remove passenger seat to install fridge/sink or a stove?

1st Feb 2007, 18:39

There's one for sale in my area on eBay, but now I'm not sure whether it's worth collecting, as a 1999 survey rated the Sherpa as the least safe car of all (but other cars of its size also performed poorly).

I saw a couple of (imported) Hummers on a trip I recently made to the Eyre Peninsula. Those things alarmed me even in my comparatively large (to a Sherpa) Toyota Corona, and they are soon to be officially on sale here.


6th Mar 2008, 20:00

Can anyone told me how to get Subaru Sherpa spare parts?

We just bought one Subaru Sherpa and are looking forward to fix the car. Any help would be good.

Contact me on email if you can find any spare part for sale.


15th Oct 2010, 23:17

In our country we call them Subaru Rex. The first one I had was a Rex 600cc with 10" tires. It was incredibly reliable, smooth car, & it ran everywhere.

Later, I owned the 700 Rex; what you call the Sherpa. It comes with disk brakes. It was hell fast, I saw 130 km/h on the clock and the engine asked for more. I held it until a big truck hit me on my way to work. I keep it for parts.

Now, after 4 years of driving another car, I remembered how fun this Sherpa was, & I become a Rex collector. I found another 700 Rex to handle, & now I have the two sisters: 700 cc & my old 600 cc.


31st Oct 2010, 01:35

I have a 1985 Subaru Sherpa Van, and love it to death, as it has only done 75,000kms. Can anyone help me with places that I can get spare parts i.e. rear taillight lenses. I live in Townsville area, and someone could get them for me in NSW, if anyone knows where.

Thank you, Elizabeth.

15th Apr 2012, 06:12


Just purchased another Sherpa after owning one in the mid 90's (see my previous comments, sold on to my uncle).

Purchased the Sherpa in a really poor state, but only paid $100 for the car regoed. Since purchasing I have repaired all the rust, replaced points, head gasket, plugs, redone the timing etc. The car is very simple to work on, and anyone with basic mechanical aptitude will have no hassles.

The car is great to drive and very economical, keeps up with the traffic on the freeway no problem. I have had it up to 125km/h, and it still had more in it. Subaru reckons the top speed is 125 km/h max.

I have just purchased a Supercharger to suit a 660cc engine, along with twin Mikuni carbs from a Ducati motorbike; the Sherpa is going to be a rocket.

If you are looking to buy a used Sherpa, do it; they are really good, reliable city cars.

13th Aug 2014, 23:26

I bought a 1984 Sherpa and I'm looking for another for spare parts. Any for sale?

Thanks, Kent.