22nd Oct 2008, 06:36

I just bought one for $600... It is a 95. It will not go into 3rd or overdrive, but it looks like an awesome car. I buy and sell cars, but I may just keep this one. It has 142k on the clock, and it got looks the whole way back on the trailer. A little old lady owned it, and I am excited to learn more about it!

30th Nov 2008, 00:33

Quick question for a alternator problem, all my idiot warning lights are on, after installing a checkers alternator?? Was this a dumb idea, they checked the amps and it is putting out correct amount? Still think it was a bad idea? Any input would be appreciated.

17th Dec 2008, 17:37

ONE WORD... supper-charger. My 92 SVX lsi pushes over 300 hp and it was easy. Dash lights (blue) makes the interior so much better. Intercooler for tranny is key. I am at 130000 and have the original tranny!!! Anybody who says this car is not reliable is wrong.

Get a new deck for the speakers (a screen for me); they sound so much better, and then put three JL tens in a custom box... well I did.

16th Apr 2010, 16:41

I have owned a '94 SVX since 2006; we had timing belt changed when we got it. It now has a gas leak. I posted it for sale (no results). I hate to sell it but I have to. I'm still fixing the leak. The car was running excellently until gas leaked. It is cherry red so it gets the looks. The car is like a tank and it is very fast.

10th Aug 2010, 00:44

I own a 1995 LS SVX, bought it with a seized water pump and snapped timing belt. After spending $3000.00 New Zealand dollars on it, it is working! Recently however the ABS light has come on, taking it in for a diagnostics ASAP.

Other than that, everything engine wise is fine. I replaced all the driving belts, radiator hoses etc, all that needs doing now is panel beating and small superficial problems.

Extremely happy, only had it running 3 weeks now, but I hope it's reliable and I don't have to sell it.

25th Feb 2011, 11:11

My mechanic and I just fired up my '92 SVX after it had been sitting in a garage for 2.5 years (I started it up and drove around the block about once a year during the period of storage).

Then, he drove it 40 kilometres back into Vancouver with me following him in my other car; '92 Mercedes 300CE, very sweet car by the way ;-)

He pronounced it in excellent shape, and is going to investigate again the emergent tranny problem I thought I had 2.5 years ago. It only slips a bit in an odd way from 3rd to 4th. He now thinks it might be the interplay (?) between the mass air flow sensor and its effect(s) on the tranny.

All depends upon what the next day of exploration and codes reveals.

I am anxious to get it back on the road after following it for 40 kilometres. The 92 SVX is in excellent shape, both mechanically as well as the exterior (zero rust, west coast car ;-) ) and interior (even the leather is still in excellent shape), as I had it meticulously maintained from 1995 (when I bought it with 50,000 kilometres, or 31,000 miles, on the odometer) until I stopped driving in 2008.. so if it is the MAF, then new plugs and an oil change, and it should be quite sweet.

25th Apr 2012, 09:04

I'm trying to fix up my 94 SVX. Does anyone know a good place to order parts from??? Please email me at sbirnie123@gmail.com

25th Apr 2012, 11:30

I'm trying to fix up my 94 SVX. Does anyone know a good place to order parts from??? Please email me at sbirnie123@gmail.com