1996 Subaru Vivio GLXi 0.7 petrol from Singapore


Small reliable cheap transport for the slightly hard of hearing


Battery died soon after I got the car, but a new one lasted me the rest of the 2 years I had it.

Alternator shorted out; I believe it had something to do with my driving through 40 to 50 cm of flood water.

It is beginning to rattle and squeak quite a bit.

General Comments:

Generally a very reliable car, but very very noisy at higher speeds.

Suspension is pretty hard. You feel every rough spot on the road. If feedback from your tyres is what you want, this is it!

Boot space a joke; however with the back seats down, it can carry quite an amazing amount of stuff.

Road holding was unbelievable, though; considering the car rides on such skinny tyres, it still handled like a go-cart (and not much bigger than one, either). Magazine review specified a top speed of 120 km/h, but I managed to get mine up to 130 km/h without too much effort, although I am slightly deaf after that experience. However, I was really amazed that the car didn't feel "floaty" at all, and there were only 2 of us in the car.

Petrol consumption is pretty amazing; I managed about 17 km per litre on average, with a lot of it being city driving, and me pushing it pretty hard. I reckon if I cruised at about 65 to 70 km/h in 5th gear, I could get around 20 km/l.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2002

2nd May 2009, 17:55

I have also pushed my Vivio hard. I did manage 87mph, although I am also slightly deafer. Its economy is very respectable, but it is a small car.

1996 Subaru Vivio GLi 0.65 multi-injection from Singapore


Good, petrol saving and economical car


Had to replace the battery soon after I bought the car from the 2nd hand dealer.

Rear suspension is getting squeaky at about 84000.

Metal of the body is very soft, resulting in many dents by inconsiderate drivers when parked.

Noisy when driving at higher speeds (cannot hear each other talk).

Small interior - cannot fit my mountain bike in with one wheel off.

Not much performance in first and second gear, but once you shift to third gear, that is when you start to pull away from the crowd.

General Comments:

Body rolls due to soft suspension.

Interior sparse, without any tachometer.

Hits hard bumps on the road quite hard, as it is a small car.

Very light, so when I am stopped at the traffic light waiting to turn and other vehicles go past, the car tends to sway lightly.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2001

1993 Subaru Vivio SLX 0.65 from UK and Ireland


It always was very reliable.

General Comments:

A tiny car with a twin cam 16v 650cc engine.

Responsive enough when revved to the edge, so very noisy, but having to go through 4500 revs just to accelerate past 60 mph/100 kph isn't much fun.

Very reliable, this 650cc engined car passed 100,000 miles and just kept going.

Too small and light to use safely on motorways, was written off when actually blown off the road by a gust of wind on a Scottish road!!!

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Review Date: 10th August, 1999

27th Jun 2001, 06:50

I agree with you about the reliability of the VIVIO. It's great.Although the car is reasonably small, it's the first car of its kind that I seen ever to have four wheel drive!! Which has got me out of some tricky situations. It's Fab!!

I think that other cars have a lot to compete with in regards to the reliability and financial running against that of the VIVIO. I LOVE MY CAR!!

9th Dec 2003, 20:34

I own a Subaru Fiori, which after looking at the Vivio seems pretty similar, particularly appearance-wise. I am considering an engine swap, thus ditching the current 800cc, 4 cylinder and installing a Vivio 660cc supercharged unit.

I had a shudder when I read your last sentence about being blown off the road and writing the car off. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I can imagine how that would happen, and the mental picture had me laughing for ages. I hope you weren't hurt though.


21st Aug 2004, 16:35

In regards to the post above, I too own a Fiori and am contemplating the Vivio engine swap. Have you now completed yours? If so, how do you find the result?

26th Jul 2009, 11:24

Hi all.

I too am the proud owner of a 1993 Vivio GLI, and think it's a fantastic reliable little car.

Being 6ft4, I do get a few strange looks, but hey it does the job perfectly.

Recently fitted a towbar and roofbars, and on occasions tow a small camping trailer... I love it.