1986 Subaru Wagon GLF 4WD wagon 1.8 from Germany


A bargain, everyone should try one


Bought it as a NAIL!

Exhaust rotten - replaced with a used one.

Drive-shaft shot - replaced with used.

Interior stank - despite cleaning it still stinks.

Totally neglected by a previous owner - TLC has rescued it.

General Comments:

I wanted a Scooby to replace my thirsty 4WD pickup, and paid $100 for it - it was a heap, but the substance was good. Spent a month fixing it, and love it more every day, although it's a bit gutless for an 1800. Fuel economy is also questionable, about 25MPG. Serious load carrier, and dependable in all weathers including 2 ft of snow.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2001

29th Jul 2001, 12:46

I have a 1986 Subaru 1800 GL HB 1781cc with Hitachi carb. I bought it as a basket case out of a backyard for $300.

I am assuming that yours is a carburetted 1800cc too. As for fuel economy: The pollution controls get blocked up and fail. Strip ALL of the pollution crap off of it (it would cost hundreds to replace). Plug every vacuum port with a properly fitting cap (available from any parts store). The only things left should be the PCV and exhaust system after burn air supply connected to the air filter unit and the vacuum hoses to the distributor advance, and the dash controls.

With this configuration I get close to 40MPG on the highway, and power I can barely control in 1st gear (I can smoke the tires).

A tank of gas lasts over 400 miles. This is cruising at 70MPH. This car has 100,000+ miles on it and no internal engine modifications, but a huge amount of maintenance and every little thing fixed and replaced.

Keep it clean and replace and service as per the manual (I changed the manual transmission fluid, most people do not even know there is such a thing) and this car will go 250,000 miles and could still be rebuilt.

The factory radio sucks though.