29th Oct 2001, 08:48

I have owned Subaru GL Wagons both 1983 and 1985. 4WD Manual. I loved both of them and wish I had kept them. The 1983 transmission went out and I couldn't afford to repair at the time. Bought the 1985 from private owner and kept for 4 yrs and 200,000 miles. Hauled everything including 6 teenage boys to skateparks! Just loved both of them. I can't find one now and had to settle for another import. But I will keep looking!!

25th Jul 2003, 01:55

I fitted a 2 barrel WEBER carb to my 84 4wd with 1800 motor 12 years and 100000 klms ago and have never since adjusted even the mixture! It immediately added around 20% extra power!

2nd Jan 2004, 14:58

Bought a 1987 GL wagon 4wd on the fly, 1800 cc manual transmission at the end of the model year. I got a screaming deal, 11800 for the vehicle, all options, new with 11 miles on it, last on the lot, included a 100000 miles extended warranty with that price. I've had it since, 17 years now, 236,000+ miles, 5 sets of timing belts (3 broke and stranded me, thank goodness for AAA and my wallet, 250 USD per fix), last set of timing wheels imploded, the bearings went, original at 220K. Main seal is leaking a bit, no engine rebuilds yet, exhaust if finally dead, going to just remove as per another comment. I get about 21-25 MPH, looking forward to the speculative 40, would be FANTASTIC to get that kinda mileage. I live in a rural area, so no emissions requirement :) Been from Mexico to Canada, East and West Coasts, toured the US many times in it, do long trips (700+ miles at a time one way), hauled bicycles, friends, slept in it for 7 years off and on traveling and more. It alone has saved me 20,000 USD in hotel and housing costs. I have put in maybe 10-12K USD for maintainence after the 100K warranty expired, and well worth it all. Just about the best decision vehicle wise I have ever made. Lately some rust showing in wheel wells, but other than that, well maintained and going strong, knock on wood.


6th Apr 2014, 01:42

I read your post about the pollution controls and their effect on a car's performance. Do you have some kind of diagram to do that (stripping the hoses and vacuum ports) in order to do it right???

Thank you very much for your help... God Bless you.