16th Oct 2008, 22:18

The 1984 Subaru sports wagon are excellent little cars for off roading with, my grandfather has three Subaru's that we use on the farm for just about everything all the time, and we have only ever had minor problems.

I would recommend them to any one, as they are easy to handle, good on fuel and tough as guts on even the roughest, wettest terrain.

Scott, Tas.

18th Feb 2009, 16:06

I drove the same 1984 Subaru wagon GL for 25 years. Great car which cost me very little in maintenance. A little hard on brakes and exhaust systems, but otherwise fantastic car. Canadian winters finally got the better of it with rust issues. I would buy another Subaru without hesitation. Great engine which never let me down.


Cobourg, ON, Canada.

19th Dec 2010, 04:30

Hey guys. I ended up selling the car after I had brake problems, and I was spending all my money on a Ford Cortina, which I regret. Wish I had kept the car!!. Anyways, I missed it soo much, I ended up buying a 1983 Subaru with a 3 inch body lift with massive muddies. Not in that good nick, but meh, it's for 4WD driving. But these cars do have CV joint problems. They always seem too blow. But what can you do!

20th Jul 2012, 14:46

The only time CV's present a problem is when you lift the car. A 3" lift causes the CV angle to be way out of whack, hence... early demise. Leave it stock and you will only have to replace them once in 350,000 miles.

Long live Subis! And the nice part is that Legacies and Outbacks are made in America with American parts! Look under the hood and you will see "made in America on almost everything... it's a full 85% American content vs 65% for "American made" Chevy and Ford pickups... makes you think twice about what is really American made. Dodge pickups are even lower %...

Long live American made cars! Especially the noninterference ones. PS: don't lift the darned things... they go anywhere without being lifted.