1966 Sunbeam Tiger 260 Ford V8 from North America


English roadster with american muscle


Electrical: Starter and generator.

Cooling: Radiator.

Drive train: Rear axle bearing.

Brakes: Nearly everything (fluid contamination).

Suspension: Front springs.

General Comments:

Despite the mechanical issues with this car, I absolutely loved it. It was the performance version of the Sunbeam Alpine, two seat roadster. Instead of the anemic 4-cylinder, the Tiger had a 260 cubic inch Ford V-8 and Ford top-loader transmission, paired with a Dana Spicer Model 44 rear end. The "conversion" of the Alpine to the Tiger was engineered by Carol Shelby, who designed the original Cobra. Drove the heck out of this car. Would love to find another one day.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2004

18th Feb 2005, 18:13

I have a 66 series 5 sunbeam alpine that is currently being renovated in the east of Poland. I will be collecting it in April to bring back to London. I would love to exchange my alpine for a tiger which needs work, The alpine is nice, but the tiger is thrice! Need Tiger before spontaneous internal combustion kicks in! Yon. London. England.