26th Jan 2011, 02:11

DO NOT buy a 1.9 DDi Vitara, I work at a company that has 4 DDI vehicles, and the faults include, wheels falling off, DPF not regenerating, injectors falling out, engine management light goes out when vehicle gets wet, and inner guards fall out when fording anything deep, and most alarmingly, 3 out of 4 have had a terminal turbo failure, resulting in HUGE bills. We cannot get these things to last 100,000K's.

Consider yourselves warned... (and sadly, I really liked both mine)

16th Jul 2012, 18:20

I purchased a Grand Vitara Commercial in 2007, and it spent more time in the dealer workshop than we did on holidays every year. € 34,000.00 new. 120,000 KM.

Now I have repeating problems with lights coming on, ie DPF and diesel injector system warning icons. Mostly on at this stage, and resulting in nearly complete loss of power. Great when you are on the motorway, what excitement!!

Advice from dealer "Drive the crap out of it for about 60 K and it should clear itself". I am well and truly fed up racing up the motorway in an attempt to clear this fault.

This is my third Vitara, and definitely my last purchase from this stable.

I would advise anybody considering a purchase, to steer well clear of this jeep.

The jeep has been recalled at least 5 times by the main dealer for safety issues. On four occasions, it was off the road for at least 3 days, and in one instance a full week.

The jeep has always had a smell of something burning, even from brand new!!

It has been very well serviced and looked after.

Liam Young, Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

15th Jan 2013, 10:04

If the light is going out when it gets wet, you must have an electrical problem somewhere, such as a loose wire, bad ground maybe.

And a wheel coming off? Really? Get your darn wheels re-torqued after changing them and you will be fine!