2004 Suzuki Ignis Sport 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Nothing beats it for the money


Nothing at all has gone wrong with the car and it drives like a dream.

General Comments:

Where can you get a car as quick as this for £6500 on the road and have a huge smile on your face. Oh boy can it go (like sh**e of a shovel) as the salesman said to my partner who could not help, but laugh at his description of it, but then again being Scottish that's our SOH. It sure is very good value for the money.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2004

18th Nov 2004, 04:15

Just picked up my new Ingis Sport two weeks ago - still haven't stopped smiling. What a buzz!

Our regular drive is a Falcon XR6 which is a great car... but the Ingis is a lot more fun particularly in hilly country with a few corners thrown in.

I had never considered a small car before, but I'm stoked with my first venture into "pocket rockets"

Pete Keen


2004 Suzuki Ignis Sport 1.5 petrol VVT from UK and Ireland


Fantastic performance in a very slick package


Supplied CD player skips when playing normal CDs - probably due to the sports suspension and the poor roads around where I live.

General Comments:

Starting with the negatives, the ride on this car is, as expected, hash - it's a sport model, and you really do feel the bumps in the road.

The supplied CD player skips because of the firm ride, although it's worth noting that MP3 disks don't appear to suffer from the same problem.

The driver's seat doesn't appear to slide forward to allow easier access for passengers in the back, but the passenger seat does - this isn't really a problem for me, but it's worth mentioning. Then again, how many people will buy one of these when they'll be carrying passengers in the back regularly?

That's the entire bad points out of the way for this vehicle. Seriously.

She's quick off the mark, and acceleration is fantastic.

The handling is absolutely spot-on - no trace of the instability that the standard model had when cornering at any speed. This is probably because this vehicle is slightly lower, with bigger, wider (asymmetrical racing) tyres and alloys as standard.

The air conditioning is a major plus.

The cabin is roomy, and the recaro seats are comfy and supportive, although there's no lumbar support. You don't really miss it, though, as the seats themselves hug you and keep you in place quit happily without it. They also still have the tilt control on the bottom part of the seat to help adjust the driving position if necessary.

There's tons of storage space, just like with the normal ignis model, although the tray under the passenger seat is now absent.

Fuel economy is excellent - I'm getting about 45 mpg at the moment driving to and from work.

This car is fun to drive - she responds very well to driver input, is sure-footed enough that you feel confident and happy behind the wheel, and will accelerate even when doing 70 plus in fifth gear.

If you can live with the sports-style suspension and the lack of back seats for passengers, give this car a trial run. At the very least, you'll have a big wide grin on your face when you finally hand the car back.

All in all, I'd recommend this car highly, over and above the 1.3 5dr model that I used to own before it was written off.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2004

27th Jun 2004, 14:37

I am a fellow Suzuki Ignis Sport owner, and I can back what the article said. The car has got quite good acceleration and handles well.

I have added a full stainless exhaust system, and a BMC carbon forced air induction kit to it. Compared to a standard one, I'd blow it away. I kept up a with Calibra Turbo 4x4 the other day. Mind you, I only kept up with him till 60mph, but he couldn't shrug me off up the hill and round the corner. When we stopped at the lights, he asked me what was in it, and said it's a nippy wee car, and that's coming from someone who drives a 2 litre turbo, 210bhp, 0-60 in 6.8 seconds, and maxes out at 152mph.

My only fault is the ride height and alloys, but a set of 17s and Eibach 35mm springs will sort that out.

Go get an Ignis Sport.

2004 Suzuki Ignis GL 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A good all round vehicle


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

This is the new Ignis and prior to my old car a Liana sedan, I owned the old style Ignis. The new version is a vast improvement over the old, more comfortable, quieter and more peppy performance. It feels very solid and sits firmly on the road. The ride firm and cabin noise is reduced. Altogether a good performer.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2004

6th Sep 2005, 03:14

Still happy?

22nd Mar 2006, 09:52

I have had my Ignis for 18 months, and the only negative comment I can make is about the very poor fuel consumption.

The car itself drives well, and I have had no problems with it, however the fuel consumption issue will mean I will not consider another one when the time comes to change cars.

5th Apr 2007, 10:37

I have had a suzuki ignis sport for 3 years. I love the car, comfortable ride, good handling, easy parking etc.

A few gripes, the fuel consumption is not good, was disappointed with that. Also the incidentals I found to be poor quality, the clock stopped working after 12 months, and the radio is the worst ever, skips from station to station all the time, poor reception and not user friendly buttons.