13th Aug 2004, 23:20

As another Ignis Sport owner, I agree almost entirely with the review - although I must drive my car a little harder as I only tend to get 38-40 mpg, but if I go easy, I can get it up to 43-44.

I seen one on the road, liked it, test driven it and was smitten. The "chuckle factor" is immense.

So OK, people say it's not the quickest thing on the road - true in a straight line it isn't tops out at 115mph. But take it on a road that you can't get flat out on combined with the handling, most struggle to keep up. obviously you won't be keeping up with Imprezzas and Evos, but then the cost twenty-odd grand. The Ignis is 10k list and I managed to get mine spanking new for 7k. YES! 7k for what is in my opinion the best looking, best accelerating (excluding Cooper S and Lupo GTI, but have you seen the price of those!)

On the downside though, the lack of steering adjustment and no footrest do mean it takes a while to get your position right at first. But hey! nothing is perfect and Suzuki Motorsport do a modified offset clutch pedal and footrest which I will be ordering. But these really are only minor niggles.

My car is standard, but it is that good, I don't think it needs any mods. At least not until its out of warranty (it only lines the insurers pockets anyway!)

My advice to anyone looking for a small warm hatch is to get to the nearest Suzuki dealer and try one out... You will not be disappointed. Haggle a good deal and go on a flash holiday with the money you've saved by not buying a Mini, C2 GT, Sport Ka and all the others you will leave in your dust.

1st Sep 2004, 16:02

I'd just like to mention that I drive my Ignis Sport hard on some fairly rough roads, and the CD player works fine. If I hit a pot-hole really hard it may occasionally skip, but that's the exception.

I'd get the dealer to replace the CD player in yours - it sounds like it isn't right.

23rd Oct 2004, 03:30

The Ignis Sport is a great hot hatch. I used to own a 1.6 Mazda MX5 Mk2 till I took the Ignis Sport for a test drive. I just had to have one.

A lot of people don't look twice at the Ignis Sport. Let's face it, it's not the best looking car, but when you fly past them as if they're stood still they start to ask questions.

This car IS fast. It leaves a lot of the higher priced sports cars struggling to match its performance. I've had Audi TT drivers look at me in disgust as I've out-paced them.

The problems with the skipping CD player is a norm. Once a CD becomes hot the unit finds it hard to read ahead of what it's playing so it can't keep the memory buffer full. MP3 on the other hand will not skip as it loads the track into the buffer and stops the CD from spinning all the time.

6th Nov 2004, 03:29

Purchased my Suzuki Ignis 3 months ago. Now covered 3000 miles.

A few mods including a K&N induction kit and straight through de-cat exhaust (major problems - had to have one made!!).

I've owned numerous cars including a BMW 318is (sport version with a BHP in region of 150bhp).

This Suzuki is quick. A lot quicker than my previous cars! Not had any problems at all either! Been up against Subarus and once even a Porsche (must of been a poor driver), and the car can mix it well with the big players... It's scary!!

27th Nov 2004, 17:23

I wrote the article on the 27th June. I said I had stainless exhaust and BMC filter. I have now purchased my springs. I was the first in the UK to get and fit Spax, as they were special order. Since writing that article, I have had some good races from my wee car. I'll give use some examples, so you know how quick they really are when modded. Kept with an Octavia RS to 100mph, beat a 150bhp Audi TT to 60mph, blew away a Pug 206 GTi, matched a Clio Sport 182 to 60mph, and believe it or not, it actually beat a Pug 205 Mi16 to 90, then he passed me, but kicked his ass to 60mph.

My next mod are going to be: dastek uni chip, stainless manifold, 50bhp of NOS. REMEMBER, I'M GOING HAVE THE FIRST ONE FEATURED IN A MAG.

12th May 2005, 09:52

Just come back from a test drove and I must admit the car is pretty nippy for a 1.5 and I am serioulsy consider buying one.

Is £5,000 good value for a one year old ex-demo with 3K miles on the clock? any comments?

3rd Feb 2006, 18:36

Just got ma wee Ignis Sport. Test drove one a couple of years ago, but decided against it. Big mistake as it's a fantastic car. Felt a bit ridiculous at first as a 33yr old lassie, but soon got over it. Won't be modifying it-tho will have to get the spot lights. A necessity I think! Used to have a Jimny soft top which was absolute pants so can't recommend the Sport enough.

27th Nov 2007, 14:36

Hi. I myself don't own an Ignis Sport, but my friend has had one for the last 6 months, in a cool Yellow! She bought it to compete with my rare Honda Civic Jordan (bright Sunlight Yellow) and regularly tries it at the traffic light grand prix!

I think it's a cracking little car; pretty, nippy and looks sporty. I love the chunky lines and stock alloy wheels, but I find some of these reviews very hard to believe. Some people say they have kept up with and even beaten cars like Calibra Turbo and Clio 182 Sports. These are very quick cars and there is no way an Ignis Sport would keep up let alone beat them. I am not trying to hate. Like I said, I think it's a brilliant little car, but I don't want any potential owners to buy one thinking they have bought a true hot hatch because it isn't.

Its good for what it is, but realistically it is not fast (merely nippy), and only up to 60ish in 1st and 2nd gear. After that the power dies off quickly, but this is to be expected as the engine is quite small. My Civic with the B16A2 DOHC VTEC engine is only a 1.6 but pulls strong in every gear all the way up to 8000rpm, but then it is engineered very differently.

The Ignis also has considerable roll in corners. I suspect it may be due to the high ride height. A better suspension kit would sort it out. My Civic sits on Koni yellows, so I may be slightly biased here.

Overall, a fun nippy car which with a few handling and power mods would be very chuckable and good for street sprints, but definately no hot hatch.

16th Dec 2007, 15:07

To Jordan Civic owner: You are having a laugh, aren't you love? Get a man behind the wheel of the ignis, then see if you can best it! And as for beating powerful cars, I did a clio 182 to 90! Should have seen the look on the guys face as he crawled past.