11th Jun 2008, 10:42

You did a Clio sport?

Had he broke down or was it some kid in a 1.2 done up like a sport

I have owned both cars and the Ignis Sport is nothing compared with the clio sport

I will say the Ignis Sport is a lot more reliable though as I wouldn't touch a french car again.

13th Jan 2009, 21:10

Updating my previous comment since I have had my Ignis Sport for 4 months now. The ride is still pretty harsh, which is kinda disappointing since I thought the car would be more of a rally car than it is. On a bumpy road, the car can be quite dangerous and uncomfortable at speed. There is the option of custom suspension setup, but that is very expensive and I'm not sure if I will commit to that kind of spending.

Changed the rims to 15in x 6in over the stock 5in width. The car looks a lot better and it has improved the handling and road holding. The rears can tend to come unstuck (and airborne) at extreme bumps or corners, and although it quickly rights itself, it is a little freaky. Over inflating the tyres makes this problem dangerous, I recommend no more than 35psi in any tyre (manufacturer recommends 32-33psi).

After a 60,000km service the rear shocks are bleeding and need to be replaced. The Suzuki dealer didn't want to know, but in their defense is is out of the 3 year warranty period, even if the kms are very low. I believe that it could have been the previous owner as one mag had heavy gutter rash on the side where the shock damage is the worst.

There is also a dash rattle which I have been told is a standard problem. Very expensive to fix too, luckily my short term solution is to turn up the stereo. Passenger seat rattles as it is a poorly designed fit. Best solution I have found is to move the seat 2 notches forward when there is no passenger, or stick a heavy item on the seat.

Parts aren't cheap, but the lengthy service period and decent part life seems to compensate (at least I'm not spending much more on servicing than my previous car, a 98 Swift.)

I recently had the engine grounded since it's not done at the factory? This seems to give the car a little more pickup and responsiveness.

OK it's not a perfect car, but for the price? I love it. I would rather have Suzuki's rattles and imperfections than the unreliability of a Holden or Ford, which seem to always have a major manufacturing defect of one description or another.

18th Oct 2009, 10:48

How can you say the Ignis beats a Clio 182 to 90 LOL? I've got a Civic Type R 200 bhp, an even match for the Clio 182, so by saying you beat a 182, you're saying you beat a CTR. The ctr is 250kgs heavier, but has twice the power. I passed a Clio V6 the other day. When I got beside it, I noticed that it had drums on the back. Think this was the car you raced LOL.

17th Jan 2010, 09:50

I have just purchased 1 yesterday, and can honestly say this is the fastest car I have ever driven. It pulls fantastic and I have no doubt it could match a lot of cars on the road. I can't keep the smile of my face and I am loving it. The roar of the engine is fantastic and I was flying past cars this morning going to work. A really great car, this is the only car I want to drive ever.

11th Sep 2010, 10:48

I purchased an 04 Ignis Sport about 6 months ago. I am a 21 year old male with 1 previous car, 1.6 MK1 Focus.

The Ignis is black/bluish. Only mods are tinted back windows and new panel filter. It looks pretty smart compared to the thousands of 306s, C2s, Saxos etc. Always starts a conversation because most people haven't got a clue what it is. It is a craking car for young people like myself, as insurance isn't such a killer. If you're young get yourself an Ignis Sport, it only cost 2000 from a garage! Haggle for it, chances are they will take it!

The ride is harsh at times, but who cares. It sounds sweet in the cabin, proper sporty standard compared to most crap.

I recommend it.

30th Nov 2010, 20:55

I am considering buying an Ignis Sport in the next few months, after seeing a neighbour's. I had never seen one before, but after spotting his (with rally decals) I thought it looked great, in an old school, kinda boxy Delta Integrale type way, and having read the reviews about the handling, from what I can tell, these things go round corners like they're on rails (and let's face it, any IDIOT can put their foot down in a straight line!!! It takes skill to drive fast in the twisties!!)

I was just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to some decent tuning mods? Since I have been looking to buy one, I have managed to find cat-back exhausts, and induction kits, but after looking on youtube, a couple of UK Ignis`s have got 4-2-1 manifolds; does anybody here know where to get hold of these? Or fuel pressure regulators? Any help would be greatly received, as I'd like to make the most of what the car already has, and modify it slightly (not in the Max Power type way... just in the subtle performance mods).

And it made me laugh to hear the people on here arguing about whether or not an Iggy Sport could beat a Clio 182... I have left my mate's Porsche Cayenne behind on wet twisty roads in my Swift GTi, and I have also destroyed people on CBR100RR`s on my DRZ400 Supermoto along bumpy B-roads.. It's not about how much power you have, it's about how much you can put down on the tarmac, and how skillful you are at negotiating corners in all conditions.

So yeah, I would be really thankful if anyone can point me in the direction of any performance tuning parts for the Ignis Sport. Please feel free to email me ben390@hotmail.co.uk


5th Jul 2011, 11:42

Good man with the modding!!! I really hope we do get to see one in a mag very soon! I bought my Sport 3 days ago, and really can't believe how much it makes me smile! I know the outside is not the best looking of things, but from the inside it's great, and a real drivers car! I've been converted from a fast Ford man to... yes, a Ignis Sport lover!

23rd Nov 2011, 22:25

I am another Ignis Sport convert!!! I got my 03 reg yellow Iggy Sport a few months ago, and have loved it ever since!!!

It was bog standard with 39k on it, and since then I have added a full custom stainless cat back exhaust (from Tip Top performance in Birmingham), a K&N induction kit, it's had the rear interior/inside panels etc, stripped out so it's a lot lighter, and I'm in the process of fabricating a one off roll cage.

Would like to get it re-mapped in the next few months, just to see what it's putting out, but I'd guess with a map, it would be making 130bhp? And I know for a fact it weighs in at 890kgs (as I've had it on the weigh bridge) with a half tank of fuel.

It's so much fun to drive, it's controllable past the limit, BUT!!! Watch out for lift off over steer!!! I had a pretty big off after attacking a roundabout a bit too hot; lifted off and got into the biggest tank slapper ever... and ended up flying up an embankment!!! (not too much damage though... luckily!!!)

But yes, I'd agree with everyone, GREAT CARS.