29th Dec 2011, 03:54

Hi all, this is from an above average driver with race track experience, and what a car this is. Not one of you has picked up on the fact that it has a short ratio gearbox, that makes the sprint to 60mph, as long as you redline it to get it there, it will beat any Honda b16 or b18 and k series.

I have owned everything. The EF9 is the only real car that can compete in relation to weight of this car from stop, but Honda kicked ass on a rolling start, but not by much. The race went like this; once the VTEC engages in 1st at 4.5rpm, then the Ignis is already near the end of its rev range. When put into 2nd gear, the Honda caught up, but fell behind when he shifted up, and passed me at 78 mph. I'm not saying the DOHC m15a engine is better than the B series, but the short ratio on a Honda will outpace Subs and Evos, so this is why my Ignis friends with 107bhp fly past bigger competitors.

25th Jan 2012, 13:20

I am another Suzuki Ignis Sport lover! A car with great handling and good power to weight ratio. It's reliable, DIFFERENT, and well I turn everyone's head in mine.

I have mine running at 133bhp with a Suzuki Sport ultra light racing carbon fibre bonnet. Suzuki Sport ram duct K&N filter. Custom power flow 4-2-1 manifold sports cat and back box. Sounds really good and different.

Again with the beating other cars, I agree, most cars I beat away from line and leave them behind. I even left a Focus ST mk1 around a few bendy A roads. So it can be done ;)


25th Jun 2012, 07:42

Nonsense. I have a 172 and drove an Ignis Sport. No contest. Not even close in terms of performance. The Ignis is fun though!

12th Nov 2013, 09:31

Hi there, thought I'd comment.

I have owned 2 Ignis Sports now (crashed the first due to a serious lift off oversteer moment!) and regrettably sold the second, but I bought a phase 1 Clio 172 after and regretted it!!! While the Clio is undoubtedly a faster car, it just lacked the "grin factor" of the Ignis, plus it was also pretty unreliable, and when you take into account the cam belt/dephaser pulley costs of £550 that I had to replace, and the £400 hike in insurance, it really was a bad decision.

The Iggy Sport will surely be one of those legendary "HOT HATCH" classics that people will rave about in years to come; a real unsung hero.

There are a few things to watch out for... wheel bearings, I presume this is because they are driven enthusiastically, but at 50 quid a go it's worth looking out for, and also head gasket failure; I have known a few Iggy Sports that have suffered head gasket failure, but I covered over 50k miles in the two I owned with nothing more than 2 wheel bearings and an exhaust hanger needing replacing, and now days you can find a decent Iggy Sport on Auto Trader with under 80k miles for 1200 quid!!! BARGAIN!!!

While obviously not the fastest thing out there, they really do handle very very well, and are a real "driver's car" with lots of lift off oversteer; you can easily see off much faster cars on twisty B roads, but tyre choice is essential!!!