1999 Suzuki Jimny JX 1.3 petrol from Morocco


Good reliable nippy 4wd


Backup light switch.

General Comments:

We love it. It has been reliable so far, it is a lot more comfortable than people think (better for instance than the Samurai).

Gas consumption is good on open roads, but it goes up while driving in town.

It is excellent off road as long you fit a good set of tires, the Bridgestone Dueller fitted as standard being for road use only. Just a higher ground clearance, power steering would make it unbeatable.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2004

6th Jun 2005, 08:29

Follow up: After more than a year of ownership and 20000km done, here are some comments:

Front passenger seat a bit shaky when no-one installed on it, seems it is not uncommon on early Jimnys and no real cure to it.

Front left hub noisy when hitting a hole in 2wd.

Hub need to be dismantled and a bit of tightening required.

Apart from that, pure pleasure!

But parts are very expensive here in Morocco; 50 euros for an air filter, 60 euro for a rear light bumper cluster, 37 euros for an antenna... not cheap.

4th Feb 2012, 18:56

I'm from Morocco too. Japanese car spares are extremely expensive and rare. People here are biased and think that french cars are better than Japanese ones, LOL at them.

Which city are you from?