2003 Suzuki Jimny JLX 1.3 liter gasoline petrol from Philippines


Very useful vehicle / equipment


1. I bought this vehicle "used", so I expected that I should replace worn things.

2. I replaced valve cover gasket, it was leaking.

3. I replaced the LAMBDA sensor because the check engine light was on.

4. I brought the vehicle to the Suzuki dealer to replace the kingpin bearings, front axle gaskets, brake pads, shock absorbers, all of the tie rod ends, worn suspension stabilizers, wheel alignment, replacement of axle oils, transfer oil, gear oil, engine oil (synthetic because the Jimny is high revving), etc, because the front axle oil was leaking, and there was a lot of steering wheel shudder; spent 30,000 Philippine pesos on these. After these things, I already have even tire wear, no more shudder at low or high speeds, no more leak at the front axle.

5. I replaced the tires at the rear with Bridgestone R623 light truck tires with stock size of 205 70 R15, and at the front with Kumho 857 light truck tires with stock size of 205 70 R15 (light truck load rate C tires, because the Jimny is small with narrow width and short wheelbase, you wouldn't want tires exploding on you).

General Comments:

I fell in love with Suzuki Jimny. I am an outdoor type. My world doesn't end on the paved road. I tested my stock Jimny, never modified it, brought it to Daraitan, mount Batulao foot, Agoncillo, etc, and most recently to mount Sierra Madre Aurora National Park, then to Ditumabo crossing rivers, mountains, etc. I have put 20,000 kms on it on highways running at 100 to 110 kph, mountains, rivers, trails, beaches, etc, and most of the time fully loaded with 4 adults, jerry cans, tools, etc, before writing this review.

Yes, the Jimny is small. But to those who have gone to the mountains, crossed rivers, etc, where there is almost no road / no road at all, they will understand the usefulness of its size. The usefulness of how close the 4 tires are to one another (narrow wheelbase, narrow width, good angle of approach and departure).

I also love its revving gasoline/petrol engine. When times and places are tough, the 4 low range is very useful. Yes, it is a 1.3 liter gasoline, but with 4 low range, I have reached 6000 rpm, to prevent myself from falling. This is really a simple but very useful piece equipment for me, just like my GPS, hydration bag, ropes, floating devices, medical kit, etc, that keep me on track, alive, and able to go home safe after an adventure :)

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Review Date: 7th February, 2011

2003 Suzuki Jimny LX 1.3 MPFI from Ecuador


This tiny 4wd car has beaten a Cayenne


During the first week front loudspeakers where replaced because of miss function

Around 35000 Km the steering bar gave strange vibration, fixing it was 5 minutes.

45000 circa, reverse light under strike.

Rear door always giving noises.

Radiator was overhauled at 66000 and it was a US$60 expense.

General Comments:

It's not thirsty & nice to handle it in the city. In search of extreme 4wd perfomance? Serious mud tyres have to be considered for it.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2006

2003 Suzuki Jimny JLX 'special edition' Mode 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Pocket sized bargain 4x4


Nothing has gone wrong with the car to date.

General Comments:

If you have never driven a 4x4 vehicle before then take care.

I went from a Clio 172 (pretty fast, good grip and handling) to a Suzuki Jimny (pretty slow, terrible grip when cornering in the wet and bouncy handling). I had to adapt my driving style pretty drastically, especially after putting it into a hedge on a tight bend in the rain.

The car is pretty easy to drive, but care must be taken in adverse conditions i.e. heavy rain and strong winds due to it being a high sided vehicle with a high centre of gravity.

The trim level I got was quite nice, being leather upholstery and steering wheel. I was impressed with the quality of the interior when compared to the price I paid (big discount!). I felt I got a lot for my money.

Off road the vehicle opens up and demonstrates admirably what it was built for, although there are a few rattles, this is to be expected when it is being thrown around on rough ground.

The engine performs well, considering its size and available BHP. It doesn't feel slow, and has a bit of punch in it which surprised me. The 0 to 60 time is supposed to be 16.8 seconds, but mine shaves about 3.5 seconds off that. It has to be revved quite hard though to get to speed quickly. Top speed is supposed to be 87, but 95 is achievable.

I liked the dealer, the warranty and the breakdown cover.

I don't like having to slow excessively in corners, but safety first!

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Review Date: 18th November, 2003

14th May 2005, 09:11

You folks in Europe and Australia are extremely lucky. Here (USA) because of Ambulance chasing lawyers and a certain consumer magazines unfair tests of the Samurai/Jimney, they are not available. I have a 2002 XL7 and a 98 Sidekick. Both are excellent vehicles, but they do not have the off road capability of the solid front axle Jimney. I would trade in an instant if they were available. The 2 door sidekick/Vitara is no longer available here either. We have two choices we can buy a Heep/J$$P or an old Sammy and put a lift kit and 1.6 out of a Sidekick in it. The prices for Sammy's are going up because a lot of people are doing just that, and turning them into rock crawlers.