14th Sep 2005, 23:32

I would highly agree. I would love something like an updated, newer model of the Suzuki Samurai (Jimny outside the U.S.) with coil suspension, ABS and dual airbags, not to mention newer thus more reliable. Suzuki, please hear our cries!!!

Nick D.

Flagstaff, AZ U.S.A.

22nd Jan 2006, 09:55

This is not important though.

The car has been called "Jimny" in the country where it is from, Japan. There is a category called "KEI" which allowed to have the engine capacity of 660cc (only) but it can have turbo (generating almost same top end power). The category used to allow 360cc then go up to 550cc.

The car has been designed for the category.

1300cc model is also there in Japan, called "Jimny Sierra".

It share the some body.

In Australia, this is where I live, there is no 660cc model.

1300cc model has been called "Sierra" but new model is called "Jimny".

Also Vitara is called "ESCUDO" in Japan.

So it's a bit complicated for me.

See!! This is not important.

17th Feb 2006, 04:47

I read your report and did laugh as I have had the same experience! I was given one as a courtesy car and nearly ended up in a house on the first bend!! Loved it though so traded my Ignis 4Grip for one, getting it 1st March. It will help me slow down, as it scares me silly!

27th Feb 2006, 07:25

I have a 2003 Suzuki Jimny 1300cc. I think it's a great car. I have lots of fun every time I drive it. The only bad time I have is when I go for a fill up. I get 7.5kms per litter of gas. But I love that Jimny!

Pancho from the Philippines


27th Oct 2006, 02:37

Chris, do you still have your Jimny and how's it performing? Is the handling as bad as they say and how does the car perform on the motorway? I drive mostly in towm with the occasional motorway journey so what's your view on this from an owners perspective? The Jimny appeals to me due to it's size, reliability and seem cheap to buy, even new - all opinions and views much appreciated - Dean.

29th Jan 2007, 15:57

Suzuki USA, if you're reading this, please think again about your decision not to sell the Jimny in the USA. Your future does not lay with Daowo or whatever that Korean company is called, it continues where you left off with the Samarai, Sidekick and Tracker/Vitara.

30th Jan 2007, 01:49

Because of possible litigation, Suzuki USA will not do this.

This is due to America being the capital of the world compensation culture, and a car that is very likely to roll over poses too much of a risk of compensation compared to a possible profit.

I do agree with you that a pure Suzuki product sourced from the Japanese factory is a way superior product than the other products Suzuki currently offer..

1st Apr 2008, 04:18

Hi guys, I'm back from Sri Lanka.. I too have a JIMNY and I find it as great driving experience... Its not bad on mud roads either.. also good 4x4 experience.. truly its not a great 4WD machine... But it will do the needful as your first 4x4 vehicle..

30th Jun 2008, 17:03

As stated in another thread, proof of the rolling issue can be easily seen by looking at the high number of salvage, damaged or repaired rolled Jimnys available on ebay or at salvage sites. Today on ebay there are three late Jimnys all rolled.

16th Oct 2008, 09:54

I drive my jimny now for 5 years, although it's the smallest, slowest, and most dangerous car I have ever driven... I love it!!! Why? it never broke down, and it gives this little extra in rough conditions... I just like it!

8th Dec 2008, 22:27

I'm from Costa Rica, I own a 2008 Jimny. I went to the beach in June, wasn't going any fast, but the rain and tarmac road made me go through an almost not very moment when I almost rolled over. Excellent car, you can go anywhere with it, but you have to be careful!

26th Jan 2011, 12:11

I own a 2004 Jimny Mode...

Does anyone suffer with a bad steering wobble, dangerous jolt to the left and slipping/sliding when on full lock???

Had mine for 10 months, and had tracking, balancing etc etc all checked by Suzuki, and they say it's fine... yet it still does it???