31st Mar 2008, 14:32

Jimny stability (rollover)? Can this be improved with moderate wheel spacers (still keeping the wheels inside the bodywork)?

3rd Jun 2008, 00:02

I drive 2000 Chevrolet Tracker, 2 door 2 wheel drive. I used 2" wide wheels spacers on rear wheels, and 1.5" spacers on front wheels. Definitely looks wider... does it improved the stability?...don't know, hopefully it will never be tested.....wonder if I can add picture here...?

16th Jun 2008, 03:26

At the original writer, I would agree with you, but the car is marketed by Suzuki as a lifestyle vehicle with good grip, not just a dedicated off-roader.

As a small off-roader it is the best in class, but it is not suitable as a road car due to its very high centre of gravity, short wheelbase and rear drive traction on wheels with no weight over them, and its inability to use four wheel drive on tarmac.

You really cannot compare the Fourtrak, which is heavier, longer and has a lower centre of gravity and is infinitely more stable.

I found this out to my immense cost. The Jimny is a characterful, lovable and immensely capable off roader, but is danger on road. That's the simple truth.

22nd Jun 2008, 03:58

Its is a part time 4wd. No part time 4wds can be used on tarmac! If you think that you can drive a 4wd around corners faster than the road sign says just because it is all wheel drive, then you are asking for trouble. I had an SJ410 for years and never had an issue with handling, they are narrower than a Jimny.. maybe check your driving style? True, maybe they shouldn't be marketed as a lifestyle car. Over here they are recommended as a city car or a dedicated offroader, but never for use on the highway.

30th Jun 2008, 17:00

Out of interest, proof of the issue can be seen by simply searching ebay or salvage sites for salvage/damaged/repairable/repaired Jimny and looking at the high number of rolled Jimnys available...

30th Sep 2008, 06:20

How awful - my condolences for your tragic loss.

I am the original writer and owner of the rolled Jimny in this thread and strongly believe the car to be unstable in road use, due to the short wheelbase, high centre of gravity and rear wheel drive in two wheel drive mode. I also believe the car is not suitable for four adult occupants as this raises the centre of gravity further and exacerbates the already unstable design, making a rollover happen easily.

It is my view that the car should be speed limited, have ESP fitted and only have two seats to lessen the risk of rollover.

I would suggest discussing this with VOSA if you want to make this known.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

30th Sep 2008, 16:07

For articles just Google:

Jimny rollover, rolled, roll, flip, deaths, elk test, salvage, fatality, accident etc.

Most forums show threads on someone modding a previously rolled Jimny for off road use.

Hope this helps - kind regards again.

30th Sep 2008, 17:40

Many thanks for the response, we have heard however unconfirmed that there have been similar cases to ours in the USA so this is something we are looking into also. I would warn anyone to stay away from these death traps, I have heard of many people who refer to the vehicle being top heavy in the same way that you describe.

Once again thank you for posting my story and giving your thoughts.

Kind regards.


8th Nov 2008, 22:08

I agree, I just rolled over with my Jimny 2 days ago. It was 5 centimeters higher, snorkel, 5 extra lights, iron bumpers and Mud tires, it was just prepared for off road but it was my only car so I used daily. I was traveling around 60 km in a conner, I hit the sidewalk so I rolled over, Really sad for me; I love that car...

19th Nov 2008, 07:31

I have owned a soft top Jimny, built in 2000, for four years now. I have spun it on five occasions, each time in slippery conditions but traveling at no more than 25 MPH. Bottom line is you have to be very very careful when driving it in damp conditions. It is enormous fun BUT don't buy this car if you think you are getting a stable, comfortable car on road. I bought it as a I loved the SJ and it is a bit of fun, a run around that I can drive anywhere in and it doesn't disappoint. Also in these days of complicated engines, everything on the Jimny is easily accessible, very basic and is very easy to mess around with. It is a fun car, not particularly safe but handled with care will provide a raw driving experience.

19th Nov 2008, 10:34

You were lucky that each time you slid it, the rear wheels did not suddenly grip again/hit a pothole or kerb - this sudden sideways stop is what makes it roll.

Keep safe!

8th Feb 2009, 07:51

I've driven all over Tobago in the earlier SJ and I have some experience, (17 years race driver - pro, skid car instructor, etc), and I think these are great little cars - but not for average drivers with average skills... because they require a 'feel' that most people simply don't have. ANYONE skidding and hitting a kerb has driven badly. Period. They were going too fast for the conditions. We've all done this - but in a vehicle like a Jimny there is no latitude for error, it ain't forgiving. In the right hands there is no better way of hacking around a tropical island. If you want to travel at 85 mph on greasy British A-roads, think again. If you are very experienced you can feel the chassis roll and work to it's limitations - but 95% of the drivers holding licences can't - and it's not for them. Mind you the same people fly off the road in the snow no matter what they drive...

9th Feb 2009, 13:04

Thanks for that. Once again, if you read the report, this happened at *****25MPH****** in traffic, exiting a damp island - the Jimny simply let go and the rear wheels oversteered into the kerb and it rolled.

As explained, I have many years of experience with lorries, coaches, fast motorcycles, cars and 4x4s and this was a sudden shocking occurrence at a low speed - just like many other incidents documented with the Jimny.

I entered the comments after being concerned that others may think that swapping their hatchback for a 4x4 would make them safer. The Jimny is not for everyday road use due to its diff only allowing 2 wheel drive (to the rear wheels) while on the road.

Ask yourself - would you buy a tall, short, narrow, rear wheel drive car with off road tyres for everyday road use?

13th Feb 2009, 09:04

I've been driving an '85 SJ410 for the last 6-7 years, and it's almost perfect for me. I never drive it on the highway due to its gearing ratio. Too high RPM. Where I live it's a lot of snow a big part of the year, and lots of hills. Often when I'm getting home, the driveway is completely blocked by snow and ice due to the just-passing snow plough. And at work there could easily be 20-30 cm snow. For this the SJ 410 is just perfect.

It's showing its age though (rust), and I'm looking at a Jimny, because where I park I don't have room for a wider car (or it will get crushed the first time all the snow come crashing down from the roof of my home).

I've never had any kind of handling problem with the SJ410. The biggest problem is some particular speed bumps, they will jar my teeth even at 10km/h. That's only a problem in the summer though.

Then these reports of handling problems with the Jimny are popping up, and it gets me a bit worried.

Are there any dual SJ410/Jimny owners out there who would like to comment?