2004 Suzuki Liana 1.6 petrol from Spain


Reliable cheap workhorse, unfortunately hit with the ugly stick


A/C not blowing cold.

General Comments:

Bought as stop-gap for 400 euros. Quite impressed with the way it drives. I am used to very powerful cars, but in this case what I needed was a temporary replacement to my BMW diesel, which was written off, so speed and power was not really top of my list.

Extremely reliable. Almost silent at idle, although when pushed the engine noise is quite unrefined. Very good around town, and being an automatic makes it very easy to live with. B roads are handled pretty well. Motorway driving experience is poor - noisy and feels a bit nervous at speed. I would not recommend cornering too quickly in it either, as it seems to have a high centre of gravity.

Equipment pretty basic as you would expect, but has everything you really need.

Boot is surprisingly large for quite a small car.

Looks wise - it's better on the inside looking out than vice versa! This car was hit with the ugly stick. It looks stumpy, the front slopes down too much, the rear is too high, it sits way too high on its wheels and looks all wrong.

Despite that it's bangernomics at its finest. I can see myself keeping it for a while.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2018

5th Sep 2018, 17:41

I have now done another 1,500km since I wrote the review around 3 months ago.

Since then I have changed the oil and oil filter and the front brake discs and pads (actually weren't too worn, but since I thrash the crap out of this thing and they were about 50 euros all in, I thought why not).

I finally got my Mitsubishi Shogun 3.2D-ID daily driver back from Mitsubishi after 2 months messing about with the dealer of the key reader/immobiliser. The Liana was the stop gap daily driver. After driving to work for 2 days in the Shogun I was straight back into the little Liana. Why? Because my commute to work consists of about 5km or B road and then town centre rush hour traffic. The Shogun, although powerful, felt slow, sluggish, HUGE, ungainly and frankly pointless. The little Liana is like a small excitable dog, off the line revvy and quick. Very comfortable. Frankly I love it!! Don't get me wrong, the Shogun is still a great vehicle, but now relegated to towing my car trailer at the weekends.

I would highly recommend this car to anyone who parks in a town centre, drives in traffic and needs quick nippy stop-go motoring that is comfortable.

The looks - well they haven't grown on me. I get a few kids laughing at it on occasion!! My friends hate it. My wife hates it. But sitting on the inside and looking out, it has everything you would need in a car FOR THIS APPLICATION.

It's a keeper I'm afraid!!!

I'll put another review in a few more k's time

2004 Suzuki Liana GLX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Crazy depreciation turns the car to scrap


Front suspension bushes, several times.

Drivers seat bolster.

Steering bearing.

Automatic transmission.

General Comments:

Spacious, good headroom.

Front suspension bushes had to be sorted under warranty at least 3 times - dealer said this was a known problem, but all they were doing to rectify it was the old 'tin' trick.

Comfortable, ride not bad, but could be better, did roll and understeer quite a lot if driven a little more enthusiastically, luckily this wasn't an issue as it was the wife's car.

OK for the money, but ready for the scrapper at only 5 years old and 27,000 miles due to an unknown fault in the auto transmission. We paid £100 to the dealer for a diagnostic, which stated 'There's something wrong with the gearbox, it needs to be checked'. So it cost us £100 to be told what we already knew. We were then quoted at least £500 to have the transmission removed and sent to gearbox specialist for diagnostic, this is before any kind of repair. We were also quoted £4000 (yes £4000!!!!!!) for a new gearbox, plus fitting and VAT. Seeing as the car was now only worth £1900 trade, the repair was not viable so we got rid of it.

Nice car, and on the face of it, reliable, but an auto box should NOT fall to bits after only 27,000 miles of very gentle driving, so sorry Suzuki, we won't be buying again.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2009

2004 Suzuki Liana LX 1.6 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great Family Vehicle


We brought this car brand new, so to date nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

The Liana is a all round family car that is very affordable. Compared to the prices you can pay for used cars, the price increase to new was minimal.

This car can carry a family of five nicely, and has plenty of room for its size.

The performance is average for a car of comparison, and it has a modern but conservative body shape.

Initially we were put off Suzuki because they were generally seen to be elderly folk cars, however with the new body shapes, the market may change.

I would recommend this vehicle to any family wanting value for money.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2006

2004 Suzuki Liana 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


The Liana is reliable, well made and kitted out, but its Achilles heel of poor ride really let down


I have had the Liana for 8 months now and nothing has gone wrong with it, thankfully.

General Comments:

It is a great size and design for a 5 seater hatch.

Its generously equipped even if being the basic model here it lacks airconditioning.

However the suspension leaves a lot to be desired being as bumpy as a forklift - does it actually have any springing?

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Review Date: 7th February, 2005