2nd Aug 2004, 08:36

I purchased my Liana GL Sedan in March 2003 and love it. It looks nice and has great leg room and height. The lively 1.6 engine is very versatile and all the power I want. It has great pulling power even when at low speed in 5th gear. I have ordered the same model, but the GLX and will take delivery on 1st September 2004.

21st Sep 2004, 07:04

I have found this car very reliable over 20,000 miles of driving and nothing has broken. The Suzuki warranty is great and the dealers were extremely friendly and helpful. I find the 1.6 engine great and very powerful. Great Car!

20th Dec 2004, 02:02

I 've got a Aerio '03 this is the name for the Liana here in Quebec.

After 41000 km, no single problem, except for the electric window who don't want to open in very frosty morning (usual thing during the usual temp of minus 15 c during the montreal winter). Not that the power window aren't powerful enough, the rubber seal may be to good. I simply wish I've get manual opening window.

The fuel consumption is not very good to. With the single motorization available here (2.0 liter) I got lot of power (145 hp) but 10 liter / 100 km in the cold season and only 8.5 in summer. I wish I can opt for the new diesel engine available in 2005 but not here.

23rd Sep 2007, 12:42

I wrote the original survey on this Liana 4 years ago now. I still own this car and this is my report after 4 years and almost 2 months later. At 66600 km I'm still very happy with the car and only minor things had to be fixed (rattles/dashboardlampe/oxygensensor etc.). All of things things have been done for free even after normal warranty has expired. Thank you Suzuki Norway!