2004 Suzuki Mehran Limited 0.8 petrol from Pakistan


A good, but overpriced car


A loose nut on the radiator fan caused the car to overheat and I had to return to the dealer within an hour of the purchase to get it fixed.

The rear shocks squeak a lot, especially after rain.

The horn stopped working because of a broken connection.

Water from the A/C dripped inside the car because of wrongly installed rubber vent pipe.

The tappet cover gasket started leaking after the first month and had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Road handling is excellent specially on crowded roads.

Lack of servo brakes demands a lot of leg power to stop the car.

Very uncomfortable seats.

Cramped interior.

Dim warning/control lights. It is hard to identify whether or not AC switch is pressed or depressed, especially in daylight.

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Review Date: 5th February, 2005

31st Oct 2005, 07:34

In the year 1997 I came from Yemen and planned to buy a car, relatives told me to buy a mehran, and the day I bought a Mehran hell got loose, everything in the car looked like a toy car. After a year everything in the car started to make noise I had to fix the things again and again, especially the tuning of the car engine, you can never tune this car's engine. And the body of this car is like a sheet of paper, once my friend sat on the bonnet of the car, I couldn't believe the bonnet had the butt print on it. I have a lot to say about Mehran cars, but the most plesent thing is that I just sold the car and bought a Japanese made car. Love and Peace to all.bye from Raza.