29th May 2006, 11:29

Boy do I agree with the above poster!! I'm 6 feet tall and I had to drive my Mehran like I was sitting on the pot! I hated the engine and transmission, and of course the quality of materials with which this tin can is built. The engine is wheezy and the brakes will scare you! The seats are so flat that you can fall outta them in a parking lot... let alone while cornering. Besides all this jabber (to be fair to the tin can) there are some pluses as well:

1. Residuals for this car are excellent. I sold mine making Rs 5000 profit.

2. Fuel economy is excellent given its pathetic small motor.

3. Spares are super cheap. You can practically build your own car from the spares availible in the market.

4. It's never gonna die. Suzuki is making too much money out of it.


1. Walk

2. Run

3. Sit home and don't go out at all

26th Jul 2006, 04:50

I am quite amazed when I went with my friend for the delivery of the new Mehran (VXR CNG) price 395000Rs. When we drove it, its shocks started making noise on a bumpy road. The showroom people told us that it will get right after some days. But now after 3 months, there are so many noises that my friend has forgotten the initial ones. It's amazing that Suzuki has not offered a new model since 1989.

I think that current Mehran is lightweight and has less quality as compared to Mehran in 1991 and 1992.

11th May 2007, 03:06

Hi this is Aleem again. My new Mehran has just arrived from Pak Suzuki. It looks okay – would have been better if it came with a pre-installed deck . Interior is more than satisfactory. Handles alright! a little sluggish pickup due to CNG is a big minus. On the average this car gets a B plus 7 out of 10.

29th Nov 2009, 11:18

The people speaking against Suzuki don't know that "Car is name only for Running vehicle".

These cars continue running even in the worst condition. Parts are cheap, Mechanics are experts on even the smallest screw. You never heard of any Suzuki car which will be retired in 5 or even 15 years. Here in UAE we have many cars which are dismantled after 6, 7 years. As either they can't be repaired or parts and service is so expensive that it is not feasible to keep running that car. Here we daily find big cars in parking which stay for months and finally Municipal Corp Picks those cars.

It is possible for Suzuki in Pakistan even after 20 years old? It is a poor man's car, it's cheap to maintain.

For Pakistan, if you want to buy a little better car then go for Toyota or Honda. Nissan is very good car elsewhere, but its presence in Pakistan is lesser. So may not be easy to maintain.