2005 Suzuki Reno from North America


Good overall transportation


Engine light on often.

Steering sensor shorted out at 41,000.

Insufficient Defrost system from beginning. Becomes a problem in cold or rainy conditions.

General Comments:

Car is roomier than it appears, and has been reliable transportation. Problem with engine light usually seems associated with refueling car, and the gas cap.

Holds the road well for me, and stands the test in braking, though I had my doubts after the ABS system on my Dodge Neon Sport.

Surprised the sensor was not covered under warranty, and it is proving to be a pretty pricey repair. Overall, have found apart from less than satisfactory defrost system, a reliable car.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2008

2005 Suzuki Reno from North America




About a year after I owned the car I noticed that the engine would rev up to 3000-4000 rpm while the car was at rest (at stop lights or when in neutral, etc.) I took my car to the dealership 4 times about the problem and they never could figure out what was wrong, or fix the problem. I still have this problem. This car has had at least 5 recalls on it. My clutch slave cylinder just went out and I had to get that replaced which was extremely expensive and the cylinder is in a very bad spot, it is behind the transmission so you have to pull the transmission to replace the part. Very bad engineering on that particular part.

General Comments:

I take good care of my car, I change the oil regularly, check the fluids, change the tires, check the air pressure and I don't run the car hard.

This car has given me nothing but problems, I have something go wrong with my car about every month which is terribly expensive and inconvenient.

This has been a horrible car for me and I would never ever buy another Suzuki or recommend Suzuki to anyone, I always discourage people from buying Suzuki.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2008

8th Sep 2010, 22:13

Don't discourage people from buying Suzuki. Your car isn't a Suzuki. It's a Daewoo. Read up before your purchase next time.

2006 Suzuki Reno from North America


This is the most unreliable car I have ever owned!


We had minor problems when we first bought the car. The check engine light would come on for no reason. In fact, it happened so often that the service center at the dealership we bought our Reno at would tell us to "just keep driving the car until the check engine light (went) off."

The other problem was the airbag sensor light. It would stay on even when someone over 65 lbs. was sitting in the front passenger seat.

Last January (2007) we had our first MAJOR problem with the car. While on the freeway going 80 mph, the car quit accelerating and the car filled with gas fumes. I had to pull off into the emergency lane and call a Suzuki dealership, who told me to bring the car in a few days later. The dealership never found the problem... even after 7 visits within 14 months to 2 different Suzuki dealerships, the problem wasn't found until two weeks ago. The throttle body was the problem... and guess what isn't covered under the 100, 000 mile/10 year warranty OR the extended warranty?!?!

General Comments:

The Reno may be a "cute" car, but if you want something reliable, this isn't the car for you.

Check and recheck the warranties with this car. You'll be shocked at what isn't covered.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2008

25th Mar 2009, 17:42

Without the mileage of the car, how are we to judge? A little more info, please.

8th May 2009, 13:02

I've had mine since 9-06 and have had nothing but good things to say, with the exception of a couple things.

I burned through my first set of tires (Kuhmo) in 30K miles, and replaced them with Goodyear’s and I have nothing to say but good things about them.

I had a defective serpentine belt that was replaced for free on the first oil change.

I had fit & finish issues with the paint on the hood, which Suzuki repainted for free.

At 78K miles I had my first repair bill. I had failed transmission lines, which I have to pay for, $379. The only problem is that my dealer doesn't know when (& where) he is going to get them from. It just happened yesterday.

I love the car & purchased a 2008 SX4 Crossover Convenience Package for my wife in 3-08.