20th Aug 2016, 03:08

We just bought a 2005 Reno yesterday. When coming to a stop sign it was staying at 2000 RPM and we were barely able to stop it in time. Were you able to fix the problem with yours? I just don't feel safe in it.

9th Feb 2017, 02:51

2006 Suzuki Reno, 198k miles.

I'm sorry to hear so many people have trouble with the Renos. My dad owns a 2006 Reno with an automatic. He is 83 years old, but drives like a teenager. He was reluctant to buy a foreign car since he has owned American cars his whole life. According to him, this vehicle has been the most reliable vehicle he's ever owned.

He does get the oil changed every 3k miles with synthetic blend and has the transmission flushed and the proper fluid installed every 30k miles. He also changes the timing belt at the suggested intervals.

The water pump did go out early, but was covered under warranty and is still working fine.

His biggest complaint was the OEM steel wheels were out of round. He's a retired machinist and had the dealer order a few new wheels and checked them with dial indicators until he gave up and bought aftermarket aluminum wheels.

I don't see why people are complaining that struts are going out at 60-80k miles. These are wear items and do wear out. He was quoted an outrageous price to have them replaced at the dealer. I replaced all 4 struts for him myself. It was actually a fairly easy job and I have no idea why the dealer wanted so much.

Beside wear items like brakes, struts and wheel bearings, the only other issue he has had is the fan control switch for the A/C burnt out. Also, I just changed out all the motor and transmission mounts because he was having a vibration issue, but only one of the mounts was broken. Probably from his heavy right foot.